Presidential Fun Facts: The High School Edition

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Mitt Romney: Cranbrook School for Boys

Mitt Romney went to high school at Cranbrook School for Boys—a highly competitive private boarding school—in Bloomfield Hills Michigan. He graduated in 1965.

At Cranbrook, Romney was a manager for the ice hockey team, and a member of the pep squad ("We're #1!"), and during his last year at Cranbrook, he joined the cross country team (he always knew he wanted to run for something). He also belonged to (count 'em) eleven school organizations and school clubs, and started the Blue Key Club booster group at Cranbrook. Phew!

But Mitt wasn't always as buttoned-up as he is these days. He was apparently the consummate prankster when he was in high school, and in 1965 he was arrested for sliding down the slopes of a golf course on huge blocks of ice! Oh, Mitt.