6 Questions to Ask Your Child About Her Writing Assignment

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The Pre-Writing Tasks

There are two important stages that an assignment needs to go through before a student can actually begin writing, and these stages rarely get the attention they need.

The first stage is discussion of the task and its requirements. This is usually done verbally by a teacher during class, or through a written prompt, or both. Sometimes students are put in small groups to discuss an assignment. Whatever the case, you can’t always count on your child effectively going through this stage and feeling prepared to write.

The second is planning the piece of writing. This generally means writing down a basic structure, such as an outline, which helps your child organize his thoughts. Some teachers may require an outline with a specific format. Others don’t, but it always helps to have an outline before diving into the assignment.

To make sure your child has been through these pre-writing tasks, ask her these simple questions…