201 Commonly Misspelled Words: Spelling Review Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

201 Commonly Misspelled Words: Spelling Review Study Guide


There are 15 commonly misspelled words in the following paragraph. Can you spot them? Go through and circle all the misspelled words you can find.

If you have made it this far in the book, you should be very proud of your achevements. You've acomplished quite a bit already and gained valuble experiance that will undoutedly be helpful in the future. The comitment you've shown to fixing mispelled words and learning pronounciations is extrordinary. Have you been completing the exersises and gaging your performence? If you have been, then congradulations! You can allready consider yourself a sucess!


Circle the correct spelling of the following words.

1. muscle mussle
2. correspondance correspondence
3. scarey scary
4. alledge allege
5. column collumm
6. milennium millennium
7. forfeit forfiet
8. feasable feasible
9. twelfth twelth
10. narrarator narrator
11. supersede supercede
12. useable usable
13. occassion occasion
14. miniature miniture
15. separate seperate



In each of the following sentences, circle the correctly spelled version of the italicized word. Then, write that word in the corresponding box on page 182. When you're done, enter the letters in the shaded boxes into the blanks following the puzzle to find the answer to the riddle.

  1. "What seems to be the(occasion/ocassion)?" asked Mr. Winslow.
  2. McCarthy was at the (hiegte/height) of his powers in 1950.
  3. The clock was no longer (useble/usable) after its hands snapped off.
  4. It was (apparent/apaarent) that the traffic was going to be bad.
  5. My (nouledge/knowledge) of history does not extend much farther back than the medieval period.
  6. I find the aroma of blueberry pie to be (irrersistible/irrestable).
  7. The country was worried that the computer virus would spread at the (millennium/milleenium).
  8. Tito won't be able to (fulfill/fullfil) his obligation tonight.
  9. We'll need (perseverance/persaverence) to climb the mountain before nightfall.
  10. We might need to take Buffy to (dicsipline/discipline) school.
  11. Baseball is the American (pastime/passtim).
  12. The judge demanded an (independant/independent) investigation.
  13. My mother told me to (address/adrress) the envelope to Mrs.Porochista.
  14. Please get a (receite/receipt) for breakfast.
  15. Would you like a (bisckit/biscuit) with your dinner?
  16. In my (judgment/jugement), Ricardo should pay for the broken window.
  17. Check the (schedule/schejule) and see what time the movie starts.
  18. Little children are more (susseptable/susceptible) to most diseases than adults.
  19. Put the numbers in a (columm/column) before adding them.
  20. The spy gathered important (intelligence/intellijence) for his government.


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