201 Commonly Misspelled Words: Spelling Review Practice Exercises (page 3)

Updated on Aug 25, 2011


15 Misspelled Words

    If you have made it this far in the book, you should be very proud of your achevements. You've acomplished quite a bit already and gained valuble experiance that will undoutedly be helpful in the future. The comitment you've shown to fixing mispelled words and learning pronounciations is extrordinary. Have you been completing the exersises and gaging your performence? If you have been, then congradulations! You can allready consider yourself a sucess!
  1. muscle. Remember that muscle has an s + c combination in the middle.
  2. correspondence. Don't forget the double rs and -ence ending on correspondence.
  3. scary. Scary changes the silent e of scare to a y.
  4. allege. Remember that there is no d in allege.
  5. column. The silent n is the trickiest part of the word column.
  6. millennium. Remember the two ls and two ns in millennium.
  7. forfeit. Forfeit does not abide by the "i before e, except after c" rule.
  8. feasible. Remember that the suffix on feasible is -ible, not -able.
  9. twelfth. Twelfth, fifth, and eighth are the three sequence words that do not follow regular spe/stronglling rules.
  10. narrator. Some people pronounce the word narrarator, but there is no second ar combination in the word.
  11. supersede. The endings of supersede, exceed, and recede are easily confused.
  12. usable. The word use drops the silent e when adding the suffix -able.
  13. occasion. Don't forget the double-c combination in occasion.
  14. miniature. The a in miniature isn't always pronounced, but it still belongs there.
  15. separate. This word is often misspelled seperate; just pronounce it sep-AR-ate in your head and you should remember the correct spellings.

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Game Time: Riddle Me This Solution

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