Abbreviations and Acronyms Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 28, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Abbreviations and Acronyms Study Guide

Abbreviations and Acronyms Practice Exercises


Select the correct abbreviation or acronym to replace the underlined words in each sentence.

1. Mary-Louise was working toward her Bachelor of Arts degree.
  a. BoA
b. Bas
c. B.A.
d. b.a.
2. When Kim Jones, Esquire, started at the law firm, her name was engraved on the door.
  a. Eqr.
b. Eqe.
c. Esq.
d. Esr.
3. His new address was 1 Sycamore Lane.
  a. Ln.
b. Le.
c. La.
d. ln.
4. His old address was 22 Whitehall Turnpike.
  a. tpke.
b. Trk.
c. Tnpk.
d. Tpk.
5. Monsignor Kelly was not available for Veronica's wedding.
  a. Mon.
b. Mnr.
c. Msgr.
d. Msg.
6. Can we schedule the meeting for Thursday?
  a. Th.
b. Thurs.
c. Thur.
d. Thy.
7. School will start again in September.
  a. Sep.
b. Spt.
c. Sept.
d. Sptr.
8. Allison's father had a Doctor of Philosophy degree in English.
  a. Ph.D.
b. PHD.
c. PhD
d. DPh
9. Mr. Lewis' birth was listed as circa 1890.
  a. ca.
b. cir.
c. c.
d. C.
10. Kelsey was trying to complete her report as soon as possible.
  a. A.S.A.P.
b. asap
c. ASAP.


1. c. B.A.
2. c. Esq.
3. a. Ln.
4. d. Tpk.
5. c. Msgr.
6. b. Thurs.
7. c. Sept.
8. a. Ph.D.
9. c. c.
10. d. ASAP
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