Becoming an Active Reader Practice Exercises (page 2)

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Exercise 3

You probably circled the words petrified, bolster, and rampant.

  • To petrify means to change or cause to change into a stony mass; to paralyze or stun with fear. The author of this paragraph is using the second meaning of the word.
  • To bolster means to support or prop up; to strengthen.
  • Rampant means unrestrained; going beyond normal limits; unchecked or excessive.

Now that you know the definitions, reread the paragraph. Does it take on a new meaning for you?

Exercise 4

Answers will vary. Here's one possibility:

We'd just moved to South Mountain, and I didn't know anyone in the neighborhood. On my first day at South Mountain High, I was petrified. I'm shy to begin with, you know, so you can imagine how I felt walking into that strange school. I wore my favorite outfit to bolster my confidence, but it didn't help much. It seemed like everyone was staring at me, but it was probably just my imagination running rampant, as usual. In fact, I thought I was imagining things when I walked into my new homeroom. I couldn't believe my eyes! There, sitting in the front row, was Maggie Rivers, my best friend from Oakwood Elementary School.

As you use this shorthand, you would know that:

The + next to the fourth line means you understand what it means to be petrified. You may have been through a similar experience.

The next to the seventh line means that you know how important it is to boost selfconfidence.

The ! next to the ninth line means that you are surprised that the narrator's imagination had run rampant.

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