What is an Adjective Practice Exercise

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Updated on Sep 21, 2011

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What is an Adjective Practice Exercise

Practice Exercise

Identify the type of adjective (boldfaced) in each of these sentences.

1. Margaret wore these silver sandals with her new dress.
2. That is an interesting question, Alex.
3. Nathan carried his Gibson guitar and Bose amp to the car.
4. My new pocket watch had stopped ticking.
5. Last night, our white Persian cat, Snowball, was scared, and he hid under my bed.

Correctly place the indefinite articles a or an in front of each of these words.

6. ___hourglass
7. ___octopus
8. ___university
9. ___youth group
10. ___excellent bargain
11. ___upstanding citizen
12. ___honorable man
13. ___unopened box
14. ___unique find
15. ___one-way street

Identify whether the boldfaced word is a proper noun or a proper adjective.

16. Most of the Canadian border is made up of the forty-ninth parallel.
17. My mother's favorite flower is the African violet.
18. Thai is a difficult language to learn.
19. The orange juice is made from Florida oranges.
20. This Thanksgiving we will travel to Massachusetts.

Determine whether the boldfaced word is a possessive adjective or a possessive pronoun.

21. Its Greek salad is a popular menu selection.
22. His name is Jeffrey.
23. My dad thought the key was his, but was mistaken.
24. Their bungalow was just down the walkway from ours.
25. Your eyes should be checked if this is difficult to read.

Determine whether the boldfaced word in the sentence is a demonstrative adjective or a demonstrative pronoun.

26. This day was absolutely the worst!
27. Those antique tea cups must be very fragile.
28. These have got to be the best garlic knots I've ever tasted.
29. That doesn't make a good argument, no matter how you put it.
30. Charlotte chose that one on the right.
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