Adjectives Practice

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Updated on Sep 8, 2011

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Adjectives Practice

Common Adjectives

Identify the common adjectives in the following sentences.

  1. Carl used his new cell phone to call his younger brother, Mike.
  2. The library is a good place to study because it is quiet.
  3. Mrs. Franklin was enthusiastic about going to the gym.
  4. My fishing pole was shorter than his.
  5. A warm wind filled the white sails, and the makeshift raft glided out to sea.
  6. After skating on the frozen pond for hours, I was happy to have a steaming cup of hot cocoa.
  7. I bought the perfect dress to wear to my cousin's outdoor wedding next month.


Correctly place the indefinite article a or an in front of each word.

  1. hour
  2. octagon
  3. university
  4. knife
  5. banjo
  6. upperclassman
  7. honorable man
  8. hallway
  9. unopened box
  10. excellent bargain
  11. youth
  12. one-way street
  13. universal truth
  14. quarter-century
  15. hose reel

Proper Adjectives

Determine whether the boldfaced word is a proper noun or a proper adjective in the following sentences.

  1. The Italian flag is red, white, and green.
  2. Her father visits Italy often.
  3. While in France, we visited the Louvre.
  4. The French Louvre is a world-famous art museum.
  5. The Hollywood director had unparalleled talent.
  6. Hollywood is part of the city of Los Angeles.

Possessive Adjectives

Determine whether the boldfaced word is a possessive adjective or a possessive pronoun in the following sentences.

  1. His flying lesson was scheduled for Friday, July 6.
  2. Kyle was relieved that the weekend would be his to do what he wanted.
  3. My unusual way of playing the guitar fascinated my instructor.
  4. Her memo said that the account would remain theirs until further notice.
  5. Ours floated effortlessly down the stream, a good 50 yards from his.
  6. Get your feet wet first and it'll be downhill from there.
  7. This one is mine, that one's yours.
  8. How do you know its wing is injured?

Demonstrative Adjectives

Determine whether the boldfaced word is a demonstrative adjective or a demonstrative pronoun in the following sentences.

  1. This is really over the top!
  2. I haven't had this kind of chili before. It's delicious.
  3. Please don't touch these, as they are very fragile.
  4. These figures seem a bit high, but I'll concede.
  5. That didn't make any sense to me; did it to you?
  6. I'll have that one on the right, please.
  7. What's that? I've never seen that species before.
  8. That umbrella is sturdier thanthis one. We should take a couple of those instead.


Determine which form of the adjective best completes each of the following sentences.

  1. Her (most high, highest) score at bowling was 200.
  2. It goes without saying that Roger's hand was (larger, more large) than mine.
  3. Jessica was (more good, better) than Jason at solving riddles.
  4. This test tube of water is definitely (clearer, clearest) than the other.
  5. Tomorrow's weather should be (coolest, cooler) than today's.
  6. Compared to Darleen's cats, mine is hardly the (slimmest, slimmer).
  7. Mike is (preciser, more precise) than Harrison with measurements.


  1. new, younger
  2. good, quiet
  3. enthusiastic
  4. shorter
  5. warm, white, makeshift
  6. frozen, happy, steaming, hot
  7. perfect, outdoor
  8. an
  9. an
  10. a
  11. a
  12. a
  13. an
  14. an
  15. a
  16. an
  17. an
  18. a
  19. a
  20. a
  21. a
  22. a
  23. proper adjective
  24. proper noun
  25. proper noun
  26. proper adjective
  27. proper adjective
  28. proper noun
  29. possessive adjective
  30. possessive pronoun
  31. possessive adjective, possessive adjective
  32. possessive adjective, possessive pronoun
  33. possessive pronoun, possessive pronoun
  34. possessive adjective
  35. possessive pronoun, possessive pronoun
  36. possessive adjective
  37. demonstrative pronoun
  38. demonstrative adjective
  39. demonstrative pronoun
  40. demonstrative adjective
  41. demonstrative pronoun
  42. demonstrative adjective
  43. demonstrative pronoun, demonstrative adjective
  44. demonstrative adjective, demonstrative adjective, demonstrative pronoun
  45. highest
  46. larger
  47. better
  48. clearer
  49. cooler
  50. slimmest
  51. more precise
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