What is an Adverb Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 22, 2011

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What is an Adverb Study Guide

Practice Exercise

Identify common adverbs in the following sentences. You can check your answers on the following page.

1. In his bathrobe, John stepped outside to quickly retrieve the morning paper.
2. It was an uncommonly warm April day; one too nice to stay inside.
3. The sun was shining brightly, and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky.
4. Immediately, John decided that it was the perfect day for a picnic.
5. He went right up the stairs to wake up his family and get dressed.
6. Unfortunately, his wife, Ann, could not go. She already had plans to meet with her friends for coffee later.
7. Mark, his teenage son, grumbled loudly and hastily buried his head under his pillow, lamenting the thought of having to roll out of bed before noon.
8. John, hardly discouraged, headed over to the park for a jog, still looking forward to enjoying the warm spring weather.


Determine whether the boldfaced words in the sentences are adjectives or adverbs. You can check your answers on the opposite page.

9. The past school year has been productive in many ways.
10. I searched far and wide to find the perfect shade of blue for my living room walls.
11. He said the right answer; I misunderstood, and said the wrong one.
12. Turn right at the light and make a left into the wide driveway.
13. Please don't walk too fast.
14. I had to open the door wide to get the package inside.
15. The fast car zoomed past the spectators as it headed for the finish line.


1. outside, quickly
2. uncommonly, too, inside
3. brightly
4. Immediately
5. right, up
6. already, later
7. loudly, hastily
8. hardly, over, still, forward
9. adjective
10. adverb, adverb
11. adjective, adjective
12. adverb, adjective
13. adverb
14. adverb
15. adjective, adverb
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