Adverbs Practice

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Updated on Sep 8, 2011

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Adverbs Practice

Common Adverbs

Identify the common adverbs in the following sentences.

  1. I saw a hang glider floating exceptionally high over the canyon today.
  2. Someday I plan to travel and sightsee throughout Europe.
  3. Taking vitamins daily is one way to stay relatively healthy.
  4. The kittens romped playfully around the yard and then slept soundly.
  5. The Miller family skis only in the Pocono Mountains during the winter.

Comparative Adverbs

Determine which form of the adverb best completes each of the following sentences.

  1. I've tried all kinds of glue, and believe me, this is the (strong, stronger, strongest) of them all.
  2. This is the (low, lower, lowest) of the two chairs, so it should fit under the table.
  3. Your grandmother is the (sweet, sweeter, sweetest) of all the doctor's patients.
  4. Writing an old-fashioned letter may take (long, longer, longest), but it is (personal, more personal, personaler) than a simple e-mail.
  5. Oscar was (less, lesser, least) grumpy after his nap.

Adjective or Adverb

Determine whether the boldfaced words in the following sentences are adjectives or adverbs.

  1. I have never seen a racehorse run so fast.
  2. You should act fast if you want to take advantage of this most generous deal.
  3. His past behavior is probably a good indication of what you can expect this year.
  4. The parade moved past the judges' table at a fairly consistent pace.
  5. Bear left at the fork up ahead and turn right at the light.
  6. "You're right, I didn't realize how badly I needed that!"replied Cory.
  7. His wide grin told me he had something up his sleeve.
  8. "Open your mouth wide so I can see how well your throat is,"said Dr. Angart.
  9. The far side of the table had almost every dessert you could imagine.
  10. It is too bad he has to travel so far to find a decent cup of coffee.


  1. exceptionally
  2. Someday, throughout
  3. daily, relatively
  4. playfully, soundly
  5. only
  6. strongest
  7. lower
  8. sweetest
  9. longer, more personal
  10. less
  11. adverb
  12. adverb, adjective
  13. adjective, adjective
  14. adverb
  15. adverb
  16. adjective, adverb
  17. adjective
  18. adverb, adjective
  19. adjective, adverb
  20. adjective, adverb
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