Reading Advertisements Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Reading Advertisements Study Guide

Exercise 1


Read the advertisements below, and decide which type of appeal each one uses. Then write the type of appeal on the blank line after each advertisement.

  1. Choose Milky premium dark chocolates when you want to send the very best.
  2. Last year, 3 million parents couldn't afford to send their kids to college. How will you pay for your child's education? Start investing now.
  3. Tuffie non-stick frying pans are the number one choice of celebrity chef Carly Calhoun.
  4. Double-Fury for Gaming Machinez. Get yours.
  5. Trust All-Insurance. We've been helping folks like you for four generations.
  6. If you're spending your whole paycheck on the vending machines in the break room, it might be time to find a new job. Upload your resume to our Web site today.
  7. The all-new Tundra Pony has a 6-point rotational system, a redesigned chassis for increased durability, and 250 horsepower to give you the performance you need.
  8. Every morning while you shower, brush your teeth, and make breakfast, you use nearly 28 gallons of water. That's enough to provide drinking water for ten children for a week. Do the right thing; conserve water whenever you can.
  9. After a summer afternoon soccer game, kick back with a smooth, ice-cold Lava Juice. The sweet fruit flavor sends an icy blast to your insides.
  10. Start your day with Shimmer, the new scent by Gabriel, and open the door to possibility.

Exercise 2

Try to write your own advertisements using the techniques you've just learned. For each product, write two possible advertisements using the appeals shown below.


      Product: bleach cleaning wipes
      Statistics: Studies show that our bleach wipes kill 99.2% of household germs and viruses.
      Ethics: Count on our germ-fighting bleach wipes to keep your family from getting the flu this season.
  1. Product: organic applesauce
  2. Nostalgia:


  3. Product: home landscaping service
  4. Snob appeal:


Exercise 3

Use your active, critical reading skills to analyze this longer advertisement. The sentences are numbered to help you answer the questions below.

(1) Have you been waiting for the perfect cure? (2) Your wait is over! (3) Try the new and improved BetterX, the latest product from CyberStuff. (4) Everyone is raving about BetterX. (5) "This is the product I've been waiting for," says Shirly McCloud from Denver. (6) "Once you try BetterX, you'll never go back to your old remedies!" (7) Other products cost up to $200 or more, but you can try BetterX today for just $64.99. (8) If you call in the next five minutes, we'll send you a month's supply of BetterX completely free! (9) Supplies are disappearing quickly, so don't miss your opportunity.
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