Agreement in Sentences Practice

Updated on Apr 25, 2014

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Agreement in Sentences Practice

Subject-Verb Agreement

Identify the verb that correctly agrees with the subject in each sentence.

  1. Brian (attend, attends) classes at Rutgers University this semester.
  2. Steve and Ed (borrow, borrows) money all the time and never pay me back.
  3. In spring, many children (fly, flies) kites on windy days.
  4. Bill is a real fan and (watch, watches) every car race on TV.
  5. They (like, likes) to put on a show every year to show off the school's singing and acting talent.

Subject-Verb Agreement

Identify the verb that correctly completes the following sentences.

  1. Neither Bob nor Joe (read, reads) the newspaper in the morning.
  2. Janice and Jackie (commute, commutes) to the city by train.
  3. Peanut butter and jelly (is, are) my daughter's favorite lunch.
  4. Either Danielle or Veronica (is, are) likely to be chosen for first place.
  5. Neither spaghetti nor meatballs (is, are) found on the menu.

Pronoun-Verb Agreement

Identify the verb that will agree with the indefinite pronouns in the following sentences.

  1. Nothing (seem, seems) to bother him.
  2. Most of the camera equipment (belong, belongs) to Mr. Jackson.
  3. Everything in those boxes (go, goes) to the church for its tag sale.
  4. Several of the cars (have, has) repairs to be made before inspection.
  5. More of these pieces (were, was) found under the chair in the kitchen.

Pronoun-Antecent Agreement

Determine which pronoun best fits for pronoun-antecedent agreement in each sentence.

  1. Geoff and Hank took________break in the lobby.
  2. Everybody went to________tent after the bonfire.
  3. Vivian reached________hand across the table to shake Jim's hand.
  4. Both drivers checked________engines before approaching the starting line.
  5. The bird flew to________nest high in the treetop.


  1. attends
  2. borrow
  3. fly
  4. watches
  5. like
  6. reads
  7. commute
  8. is
  9. is
  10. are
  11. seems
  12. belongs
  13. goes
  14. have
  15. were
  16. their
  17. his or her
  18. her
  19. their
  20. its
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