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Updated on Jul 15, 2011


accrue   (1) to increase in amount and value, especially over a period of time; (2) to come about as a natural growth or addition

admonish   (1) to rebuke or scold someone mildly but sincerely; (2) to give advice to someone to do or not do something

atrophy   (1) to waste away or shrink in size, especially a part of the body; (2) the lessening of an ability

beguile   (1) to draw notice or interest with charm; (2) to deceive by cunning

capitulate   to surrender, usually on terms that have been agreed on in advance

chastise   (1) to criticize harshly; (2) to punish severely

delineate   (1) to describe in sharp or vivid detail; (2) to indicate through lines or sketching

disseminate   (1) to distribute; (2) to spread around as if sowing seeds

embody   (1) to give definite form to or make something tangible; (2) to incorporate things into an organized whole

garnish   (1) to decorate; (2) to embellish or dress up

[This is another word that can be used as either a noun or a verb. As a noun, it's a spiffy little bit of food, like parsley, added to a plate of food to make it look pretty.]

imbibe   (1) to drink something; (2) to receive into the mind and retain

inveigle   (1) to win over or persuade through flattery or cleverness; (2) to trick or con

modulate   (1) to change sound to a certain key or pitch; (2) to alter or adjust something to the proper proportion

[In the world of electronics, this means varying the quality of an electromagnetic wave for the transmission of information. Most likely, you won't ever use it that way, but there it is. You are more likely to use it to ask someone to lower his or her voice or music.]

officiate   (1) to perform a ceremony; (2) to enforce or referee the rules of a game or sport

ostracize   (1) to force to leave or exclude, usually in society; (2) to ignore or snub

[This is from the ancient Greek word ostrakon, meaning "a piece of pottery." What does that have to do with anything, you ask? Good question. Pottery fragments were used in ancient Athens as a kind of ballot. Each year citizens would gather to decide if anyone needed to be banished for the "good of the city." If your name was written on the most pieces, you were sent away—ostracized!]

paraphrase   (1) to give the same meaning in slightly different words; (2) to summarize

plagiarize   (1) to steal, copy, or pass off as one's own work or idea; (2) to bootleg or use illegally

propagate   (1) to have offspring or reproduce; (2) to cause an idea or belief to spread out and affect a greater number of people or a wider area

redress   (1) to make up for something or set a wrong right again; (2) to even out or equalize

vacillate   (1) to hesitate between options or struggle to decide: (2) to swing back and forth

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