Logic Game Practice Set 2 (page 2)

Updated on Aug 10, 2011


Here's a quick illustration of how to work "logic game" puzzles, using the situation in questions 424 and 425 as an example.

First, read the paragraph. Then, construct a diagram or table like the one below. Write down the letters that represent the names of the people at the party. Next, add any other information that is given. You know that Quentin is an accountant and Sarah is a florist; you know which objects represent their type of work. You also know that Thomas is dressed as a camera, so he must be the photographer.

Set 29 Answers

Since none of the men is a doctor, Rachel must be the doctor. That leaves Ulysses, who must be the chef. Once you've filled in your diagram and made the deductions, answering the questions is the easy part.

Set 29 Answers

  1. b. See the table above. The thermometer costume logically would be worn by the doctor. According to the information, none of the men is a doctor. Also, Sarah is a florist, so Rachel must be the doctor wearing the thermometer costume.
  2. e. Ulysses cannot be a doctor, because that is Rachel. Quentin is an accountant, Thomas must be a photographer, and Sarah is a florist. That leaves chef for Ulysses. We also know the chef must be a man, because neither of the women is dressed as a spoon.
  3. d. The person who ordered the vegetable burger cannot be sitting in chairs 1 or 6, because she is sitting between two people. She also cannot be sitting in chairs 3 or 4, because those customers did not order sandwiches. Since she is not sitting in chair 2, she must be in chair 5.
  4. c. The customer who ordered soup must be in chair 3 or 4, where the non-sandwich orders go. The other non-sandwich order is fried eggs, and that person is sitting next to the customer in chair 5 (who ordered the vegetable burger), so the fried eggs go to chair 4 and the soup to chair 3.
  5. b. The orders that go to chairs 3, 4, 5, and 6 are already determined, so the ham sandwich must go to chair 1 or 2. The customer who ordered the hamburger is not sitting next to the person who ordered the soup in chair 3, so the hamburger must go to chair 1 and the ham sandwich to chair 2.
  6. a. The person who ordered potato salad cannot be in chair 1 or 6, since he is sitting between two people. The person who ordered fried eggs ordered hash browns and is sitting in chair 4. The person who ordered potato salad is on one side of chair 4, either 3 or 5. He cannot be in chair 5 and still be next to both the hash browns and the cole slaw, so he must be in chair 3, which is where the soup was ordered.
  7. c. If the potato salad is with the soup and the hash browns are with the fried eggs, then the cole slaw must be with the ham sandwich, in chairs 2, 3, and 4. The lettuce salad is with the vegetable burger in chair 5. The onion rings belong to the cheeseburger in chair 6, leaving the french fries for the hamburger in chair 1.
  8. a. The vice president's car cannot be red, because that is the CEO's car, which is in the first space. Nor can it be purple, because that is the treasurer's car, which is in the last space, or yellow, because that is the secretary's. The president's car must be blue, because it is parked between a red car (in the first space) and a green car, which must be the vice president's.
  9. c. The CEO drives a red car and parks in the first space. Enid drives a green car; Bert's car is not in the first space; David's is not in the first space, but the last. Alice's car is parked next to David's, so Cheryl is the CEO.
  10. e. Cheryl cannot be the secretary, since she's the CEO, nor can Enid, because she drives a green car, and the secretary drives a yellow car. David's, the purple car, is in the last space. Alice is the secretary, because her car is parked next to David's, which is where the secretary's car is parked.
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