Coordinating the Heavens Practice Problems

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Review the following concepts if needed:

Coordinating the Heavens Practice Problems

A good score is 8 correct. Answers are given at the end.

Which of the following points or objects seems to stay fixed in the sky all the time?

(a) The vernal equinox

(b) The background of stars

(c) The Sun

(d) Polaris


2. What is the declination represented by the south celestial pole?

(a) 18 h

(b) 0°

(c) –90

(d) It cannot be defined because it changes with time.


3. What is the celestial longitude of the winter solstice?

(a) 18 h

(b) 0°

(c) –90

(d) It cannot be defined because it changes with time.


4. A point is specified as having a celestial latitude of 45°30′00″N. This is equivalent to how many degrees as a decimal fraction?

(a) 45.5°

(b) 45.3°

(c) 30.00°

(d) There is not enough information to tell.


5. How many hours of right ascension correspond to one-third of a circle?

(a) 3 h

(b) 6 h

(c) 12 h

(d) None of the above


6. How many sidereal days are there in one full calendar year?

(a) Approximately 366.25

(b) Approximately 365.25

(c) Approximately 364.25

(d) It depends on the celestial latitude of the observer.


7. One second of arc represents what fraction of a complete circle?

(a) 1/60

(b) 1/3600

(c) 1/86,400

(d) 1/1,296,000


8. The celestial latitude/longitude frame of reference

(a) is fixed relative to the background of stars.

(b) is fixed relative to the Sun.

(c) is fixed relative to geostationary satellites.

(d) is not fixed relative to anything.


9. Which of the following represents an impossible or improperly expressed coordinate value?

(a) RA = 12 h

(b) dec = +100

(c) 103 deg 00 min 20 sec W long

(d) 23°S


10. Azimuth is another name for

(a) right ascension.

(b) compass bearing.

(c) celestial latitude.

(d) celestial longitude.



1. D

2. C

3. D

4. A

5. D

6. A

7. D

8. C

9. B

10. B

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