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They Do The Traveling

Despite all sorts of stories and rumors, there is, as of this writing, no conclusive evidence, accepted by scientists in general, that extraterrestrial beings have visited our planet. If it has occurred, the scientific community is not aware of it.

Ever since written records have been kept by humankind, there have been sightings of unidentified flying objects. One such “vessel” is described vividly in the Book of Ezekiel in the Christian Bible . Public interest in this phenomenon reached a peak in the twentieth century, when the dream of space travel became reality and people’s imaginations went wild. Most sightings have been explained in terms of natural phenomena. The planet Venus, when it appears through a certain type of atmospheric haze, appears enlarged and can be mistaken for an approaching aircraft or even a hovering space ship. Lightning discharges, strange lights in the sky accompanying earthquakes, and glowing gases over swampy regions can appear as if they are traveling at high speed through the upper atmosphere. A few sightings have evaded all attempts at logical explanation. Still, scientists and government officials maintain a high degree of skepticism. Until space aliens actually set a vessel down in a public place and say something like, “Take us to your leader,” these folks will remain unconvinced that we have been visited by beings from another planet.

Any civilization that has developed the technology to roam among the stars must have patience and other qualities such as the ability to control their social problems at home. Are there extraterrestrial civilizations traveling among the stars as you read this? Have we on Earth been watched, or are we being watched, by such beings?

Some people try to get an idea of what extraterrestrials might do by putting themselves in the place of travelers from other worlds. If you were the captain of a starship and you came across a planet like ours, and if your mission were merely to catalog the behavior of civilizations in various star systems, would you want the beings of planet Earth to know about you? What if you were looking for civilizations with whom you could identify, make friends, and ponder greater questions of Cosmic reality? Would you come down and introduce yourself in Red Square or Central Park? What if your intent were to conquer Earth by violent means? It has been argued that space aliens of that sort won’t come here. They’ll have annihilated themselves long before they became capable of interstellar travel.

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