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Practice 3: Time After Time 

Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow.

(1) "I'm so tired," Sabrina said.
(2) "But it's only Monday!" Jake exclaimed. "You can't be tired after that long holiday weekend we had!"
(3) "It all depends," grumbled Sabrina. "You and your dad went skiing, didn't you? I'll bet you had a blast!"
(4) "We spent hours on the slopes," Jake said with a smile. "What did you do?"
(5) "Do? Do? I had so much to do that I didn't have any time for fun!" Sabrina griped, kicking a stone to emphasize her unhappiness.
(6) "Sorry I asked!" Jake countered. "What took up all your time?"
(7) "First of all, my homework," said Sabrina with disgust.
(8) "Homework? We didn't have any homework!" Jake announced.
(9) Sabrina lowered her eyes. "Well, maybe I put off some old homework . . . our science projects are due tomorrow, and I never got around to doing mine."
(10) "You're kidding!" Jake said. "You hadn't even started it?"
(11) "No," sighed Sabrina. "So I had to go to the library and on the Internet to do research, then outline the report and write it!"
(12) "Hi!" called Mike and Sarah. Sarah told about her trip to visit her aunt in Boston and Mike announced that his hockey team won and was going to the championships. "Hey, I didn't see you at the game, Sabrina," he added. "Did you go away for the weekend, too?"
(13) Sabrina gave a dramatic sigh, "No," she groaned, "I was too busy."
(14) "Doing what?" asked Sarah.
(15) "You'll be sorry you asked," whispered Jake as Sabrina began.
(16) Sabrina moaned about her forgotten science project, helping her dad clean the yard, and helping to do the laundry. "Oh, I do that, too," replied Sarah. "I read while I wait for the stuff to come out of the machines."
(17) "But you can't go anywhere or do anything until its done!" Sabrina sighed. "Then I had to baby-sit my little cousin, Max the Horror, for an hour!"
(18) "So you spent time doing all that stuff," announced Jake, "but you had a whole three days! Maybe you're thinking too much time about the time you didn't have instead of looking for fun things you did do!"
(19) "Well, I did watch TV and go to the mall," Sabrina mused. "And I went to see that new movie. I guess you're right, Jake. I was just frustrated and mad at myself because I hadn't done my science report earlier."
(20) At school, Sabrina said, "Mr. Hart will probably assign the next science project to be handed in after spring vacation. If he does, I won't waste a millisecond getting started! Then I can really enjoy my next time off!"
(21) Jake smiled, "We'll see, Miss Put-it-off-till-tomorrow! We'll see!"
9. What is the author's purpose for writing the selection?
a. to inform readers about science reports
b. to persuade readers to do a science project
c. to entertain readers with a fiction story
d. to teach readers how to schedule their time
10. Which question could best help someone figure out this author's purpose?
a. Did the author give me new information about a school topic?
b. Did the author teach me how to make something?
c. Did the author ask me to do anything?
d. Did the author tell me a story about kids my age?
11. If the following had been added at the end of the selection, what do you think the author's purpose would have been for adding it?
So remember, dear reader, don't procrastinate. Never postpone until tomorrow what you can do today!
a. to teach readers that procrastinate means "postpone"
b. to persuade readers to budget their time
c. to amuse readers with a silly saying
d. to inform readers that tomorrow will be better


1. d
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. d
6. c
7. b
8. a
9. c
10. d
11. b
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