Avoiding the Five Most Common Grammatical Errors Study Guide (page 3)

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Updated on Sep 30, 2011


Try to limit your use of the word like. It is probably the most overused word in many vocabularies. It is not a word to introduce phrases, or to use when you can't think of what you're going to say next.

9. Media: noun (plural of medium), one or more means of communication or expression
Medium: noun (singular), the use of a system of communication
The singer's medium is hip hop, and the media have turned him into a television star.
10. Principal: as a noun, describes a manager or executive who manages a school or business department; as an adjective, describes a degree of importance
Principle: noun, describes a rule or policy
The principal of our school insists that we observe the principle of fair play in all our sports competitions.
One of the principal reasons to write well is to communicate your ideas effectively.

Excercises for this concept can be found at Avoiding the Five Most Common Grammatical Errors Practice Exercises.

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