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Updated on Aug 30, 2011

Introduction to Biology

Hello, there! It’s time for you to start teaching yourself some of the fundamental and fascinating facts about biology (pronounced as buy- AHL -oh-jee). The word, biology, comes from the ancient Greek bi (“life”) and -ology (“study of”). Modern biology, then, is literally the “study of life” in all its forms – plant, animal, or otherwise.

What is Biology?

Biology as the scientific study of living things is a relatively recent development. The term has been in use since the early 1800s to describe the study of living organisms (pronounced as OR -gan- izms ). Basically, an organism is a living thing that is highly organized. By this we mean that an organism has a high degree of Biological Order, a very organized pattern. (Observe the patterns of the organisms shown in Figure 1.1.)

The Coming of Biology Biology, Organisms, and Order

Fig. 1.1 Organisms: Large and small living things with order

The Coming of Biology Biology, Organisms, and Order


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