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Introduction to Order Beyond the Individual Organism of a Spider Help

Beyond the internal environment within a particular organism, lies the external ( eks-TER -nal) environment – the surrounding area “outside of” the body. The external environment basically involves patterns in ecology (e- KAHL -oh- jee ), including various ecological (e-koh- LAHJ -ih-kal) relationships . Ecology exactly translates to mean “study of household affairs” in common English. Ecology is the study of the relationships between different organisms, and the “affairs” between these organisms and the total “household” of the external environment. Ecology would not focus upon just an individual giraffe, for example. Rather, it would expand its focus beyond the single giraffe organism, to other nearby giraffes, other species, and even the entire external environment of the African plain.

We might picture ecology (ecological relationships) as a vast, interconnected spider web. Therefore, Biological Order in the external environment beyond the organism reflects a healthy or successful pattern of ecological relationships. We will represent this Order symbolically by a spider in its web (Figure 1.4, A). Conversely, Biological Disorder beyond the organism reflects a breaking of the normal pattern of ecological relationships. This state of environmental Disorder is indicated by the icon of a dead spider and its broken web (Figure 1.4, B).

The Coming of Biology Order beyond the Individual Organism: The Spider and its Web

Fig. 1.4 Symbols for order and disorder in the external environment.


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