Building Words: Spelling Review Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Building Words: Spelling Review Study Guide


Read each sentence and answer the question that follows.

  1. Please transmit this message to my friend in France. Transmit means
    1. send.
    2. sell.
    3. find.
    4. mention.
  2. My dad is trying to resell his boat.

    Resell means

    1. sell before.
    2. not sell.
    3. sell again.
    4. give away.
  3. Today is the most tranquil day we've had this spring.
  4. Tranquil means

    1. stormy.
    2. peaceful.
    3. long.
    4. cold.
  5. The results of the contest were predetermined.
  6. Predetermined means

    1. determined after.
    2. not determined.
    3. determined easily.
    4. determined before.
  7. I thought Jack was more amiable than usual today.
  8. Amiable means

    1. friendly.
    2. tired.
    3. angry.
    4. dangerous.


Circle the roots in the following words.

  1. audible
  2. chronic
  3. exceed
  4. confide
  5. pedal


Circle the suffixes and prefixes in the following words.

  1. unlikely
  2. introduce
  3. revert
  4. instinctual
  5. amazement
  6. prepare
  7. counterpart
  8. goodness
  9. repulsive
  10. cooperatively


Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. My (mother in law/mother-in-law) lives in Florida.
  2. My dog Nachos was (very-happy/very happy) to be home.
  3. Cindy was proud of her (Japanese-American/Japanese American) heritage.
  4. Sixteen (seven-year-olds/seven year olds) were on the field trip to the museum.
  5. The chances of that are highly (unlikely/un-likely).


In the following groups of words, decide which word is spelled correctly. Then take the letter next to that word and enter it into the corresponding blank. The final answer will spell a famous quote from the philosopher Aristotle.

1. M vizible N visable O visible P vizable
2. H exsceed I exceed J exseed K exsede
3. R recede S resede T receed U reseid
4. B cownterpart C countrpart D cointerpart E counterpart
5. R bareable S bearable T barable U bearible
6. D digestible E dijestible F digestable G digestibel
7. P pravented Q previnted R prevented S pervented
8. A tranquil B trankuil C tranqwil D trancuil
9. H incredable I incredible J inkredable K incridable
10. F ecscusable G excuesable H excuzable I excusable
11. D reeces E recess F ricese G resess
12. R unlikly S unlikelie T unlikely U unliekly
13. O amazement P amasement Q amazment R amazemint
14. A confied B confid C confeid D confide
15. M fashioneable N fashionible O fashionabel P fashionable
16. A ameable B amieble C amiable D amyable
17. B odible C oddeble D audable E audible
18. T reversible U reversable V reversabel W reversibel
19. O invisible P invicible Q envisible R envicible
20. J instinchual K instinktuel L instinctual M instincjual
21. T vizion U vision V vishon W visian
22. D comfterble E comfertable F comfortable G comfortible
23. V repulsive W ripulsive X repulsave Y rapulsave
24. A pripare B prepare C prepair D propair
25. Q credt R credat S credet T credit
26. F rivert G refert H revert I reverte
27. E entroduce F introduse G introduce H entraduce
28. S disable T disible U disaible V desaible
29. I proceed J proseed K prosede L procede
30. D valuble E valuable F valable G valueble
31. M cretable N cretible O credible P credeble
32. K pedle L pedel M peddal N pedal
33. A transmit B transmitt C transsmit D transsmitt
34. R edable S edible T edibel U edibal
35. L resel M resele N reselle O resell
36. M goodnis N goodness O goodniss P goodnes

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