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Updated on Sep 8, 2011

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Business Terms

      the buying of "paper"—stocks, bonds, and securities—to resell for a quick profit
      _____,the buying of bonds and other securities to sell at a higher price, is a risky business.
      the process by which disputes are settled by a third party
      They decided to resolve the matter through _____; that is, they gave the decision-making power to an independent person.
      one who will benefit from something
      He is the sole _____ of her estate. He will be given all the property when the old woman dies.
      accumulated wealth, used to gain more wealth
      She put some money in the bank and would only spend the interest she earned on the initial investment or _____.
      a secret agreement for a deceitful or fraudulent purpose, conspiracy
      At the poker game, Sarah and Tom made a _____ to cheat together so Sarah would win the game and then they could share the winnings.
      a joining of two or more businesses for a specific purpose
      The joining of the three companies into one made for a powerful _____ that would dominate the industry.
      the subtraction of a cost from income
      He took his children as a tax _____ so that he could subtract the cost of their care from his taxes.
      the act of making distinctions, the act of distinguishing between one group of people and another and treating people differently as a result, prejudiced actions or treatment
      Many workers still face _____ in workplaces that choose not to hire or promote employees based on their sex, skin color, or ethnic background.
      special privilege or benefit allowed to a group of people
      In our society, the elderly have an _____ to health care and money for food and shelter.
      fairness or evenness of treatment, or the value of property after all claims have been made against it
      Though she was accused of being unfair in her demands, she claimed she only wanted _____ in what was owed her.
      excused from some rule or job
      She was _____ from duty that day; she was excused because she had been injured.
      pertaining to money or finance
      At the end of a company's _____, or financial, year, the company usually announces the amount it earned in that year.
      a business that is owned by a parent company but run by independent operators under rules set by the parent company
      McDonald's is a _____ because each outlet is independently owned but still operates under rules set out by the parent company.
      the act of irritating or annoying persistently; sexual harassment
      unwelcome physical or verbal conduct directed at an employee because of his or her sex
      There are many laws today that protect workers from sexual _____ by their employer.
      the specialized vocabulary of an industry or interest group
      Learning the _____,or language, of a particular interest or job is an important part of learning about the workplace.
      the employment or promotion of friends and family members
      Many public employment arenas have been accused of _____, because workers related to persons in authority are given preference in hiring.
      a privilege or bonus given in addition to regular salary
      Many companies give stock options as a _____ in addition to an employee's salary.
      a published report of a business and its plans for a program or offering
      The company published a _____ to offer details of its plan for expansion. This plan offers potential investors pertinent information about the plan and the company.
      a grant of money for a particular purpose
      The state gave several school districts a _____ to rebuild the schools in those districts.
      the state or period of holding a particular position, or a guarantee of employment to teachers who have met particular standards
      Even faculty with _____ at colleges and universities are losing the security promised by their guarantee of permanent employment.

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Practice exercises for this study guide can be found at:

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