Capitalization Practice

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Updated on Sep 13, 2011

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Capitalization Practice

Correct the capitalization error(s) in each of the following sentences.

  1. My dentist's office is on elmgrove avenue, East of wayland avenue.
  2. Did you hear him say, "all lights should be turned off"?
  3. to catch up on weekly events, I buy time magazine and a sunday newspaper.
  4. I love the paintings of john singer sargent.
  5. My friend's aunt polly met us at the train.
  6. We bought all our supplies at forest camping supplies, inc., in boston.
  7. Leave your car in the garage; i'll drive.
  8. Robert t. Masters, President of the division, gave a welcoming speech.
  9. She cried, "oh no! I was supposed to turn at that corner."
  10. In 2008, many people read and were inspired by Randy Paush's book, the last lecture.


1. …Elmgrove Avenue, east of Wayland Avenue. 2. …"All… 3. To… Time Magazine… and a Sunday… 4. …John Singer Sargeant. 5. …Aunt Polly… 6. …Forest Camping Supplies, Inc., in Boston. 7. …I'll… 8. …Robert T. Masters, president of the division… 9. …"Oh no!… 10. …The Last Lecture.

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