Word Logic and Reasoning Practice Set 3

Updated on Aug 10, 2011

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In this set, you will be looking for the essential part of something. Each question has an underlined word followed by four answer choices. You will choose the word that is a necessary part of the underlined word. A good way to approach this type of question is to say the following sentence: "A ______ could not exist without ______." Put the underlined word in the first blank. Try each of the answer choices in the second blank to see which choice is most logical.

For questions 1 through 15, find the word that names a necessary part of the underlined word.

  1. dome
    1. rounded
    2. geodesic
    3. governmental
    4. coppery
  2. recipe
    1. desserts
    2. directions
    3. cookbook
    4. utensils
  3. hurricane
    1. beach
    2. cyclone
    3. damage
    4. wind
  4. autograph
    1. athlete
    2. actor
    3. signature
    4. pen
  5. town
    1. residents
    2. skyscrapers
    3. parks
    4. libraries
  6. wedding
    1. love
    2. church
    3. ring
    4. marriage
  7. faculty
    1. buildings
    2. textbooks
    3. teachers
    4. meetings
  8. cage
    1. enclosure
    2. prisoner
    3. animal
    4. zoo
  9. directory
    1. telephone
    2. listing
    3. computer
    4. names
  10. contract
    1. agreement
    2. document
    3. written
    4. attorney
  11. saddle
    1. horse
    2. seat
    3. stirrups
    4. horn
  12. vibration
    1. motion
    2. electricity
    3. science
    4. sound
  13. cell
    1. chlorophyll
    2. nucleus
    3. nerve
    4. human
  14. champion
    1. running
    2. swimming
    3. winning
    4. speaking
  15. glacier
    1. mountain
    2. winter
    3. prehistory
    4. ice


  1. a. A dome is a large rounded roof or ceiling, so being rounded is essential to a dome. A geodesic dome (choice b) is only one type of dome. Some, but not all domes, have copper roofs (choice d). Domes are often found on government buildings (choice c), but domes exist in many other places.
  2. b. A recipe is a list of directions to make something. Recipes may be used to prepare desserts (choice a), among other things. One does not need a cookbook (choice c) to have a recipe, and utensils (choice d) may or may not be used to make a recipe.
  3. d. A hurricane cannot exist without wind. A beach is not essential to a hurricane (choice a). A hurricane is a type of cyclone, which rules out choice b. Not all hurricanes cause damage (choice c).
  4. c. Without a signature, there is no autograph. Athletes and actors (Choices a and b) may sign autographs, but they are not essential. An autograph can be signed with something other than a pen (choice d).
  5. a. Residents must be present in order to have a town. A town may be too small to have skyscrapers (choice b). A town may or may not have parks (choice c) and libraries (choice d), so they are not the essential elements.
  6. d. A wedding results in a joining, or a marriage, so choice d is the essential element. Love (choice a) usually precedes a wedding, but it is not essential. A wedding may take place anywhere, so a church (choice b) is not required. A ring (choice c) is often used in a wedding, but it is not necessary.
  7. c. A faculty consists of a group of teachers and cannot exist without them. The faculty may work in buildings (choice a), but the buildings aren't essential. They may use textbooks (choice b) and attend meetings (choice d), but these aren't essential either.
  8. a. A cage is meant to keep something surrounded, so enclosure is the essential element. A prisoner (choice b) or an animal (choice c) are two things that may be kept in cages, among many other things. A zoo (choice d) is only one place that has cages.
  9. b. A directory is a listing of names or things, so choice b is the essential element. A telephone (choice a) often has a directory associated with it, but it is not essential. A computer (choice c) uses a directory format to list files, but it is not required. Names (choice d) are often listed in a directory, but many other things are listed in directories, so this is not the essential element.
  10. a. An agreement is necessary to have a contract. A contract may appear on a document (choice b), but it is not required. A contract may be oral as well as written, so choice c is not essential. A contract can be made without an attorney (choice d).
  11. b. A saddle is something one uses to sit on an animal, so it must have a seat (choice b). A saddle is often used on a horse (choice a), but it may be used on other animals. Stirrups (choice c) are often found on a saddle but may not be used. A horn (choice d) is found on Western saddles, but not English saddles, so it is not the essential element here.
  12. a. Something cannot vibrate without creating motion, so motion is essential to vibration.
  13. b. The essential part of a cell is its nucleus. Not all cells produce chlorophyll (choice a). Not all cells are nerve cells (choice c). All living things, not just humans (choice d), have cells.
  14. c. Without a first-place win, there is no champion, so winning is essential. There may be champions in running, swimming, or speaking, but there are also champions in many other areas.
  15. d. A glacier is a large mass of ice and cannot exist without it. A glacier can move down a mountain, but it can also move across a valley or a plain, which rules out choice a. Glaciers exist in all seasons, which rules out choice b. There are many glaciers in the world today, which rules out choice c.
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