Language Logic and Reasoning Practice Set 1 (page 2)

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Updated on Aug 10, 2011


  1. a. Grana means big; melke means tree; pini means little; hoon means house. Therefore, granahoon means big house.
  2. b. Leli means yellow; broon means hat; pleka means flower; froti means garden; mix means salad. Therefore, lelipleka means yellow flower.
  3. d. From wilkospadi, you can determine that wilko means bicicyle and spadi means race. Therefore, the first part of the word that means racecar should begin with spadi. That limits your choices to b and d. Choice b, spadiwilko, is incorrect because we have already determined that wilko means bicycle. Therefore, the answer must be choice d, spadivolo.
  4. a. Dafta means advise; foni is the same as the suffix –ment; imo is the same as the prefix mis–; lokti means conduct. Since the only word in the answer choices that hasn't been defined is krata, it is reasonable to assume that krata means state. Therefore, kratafoni is the only choice that could mean statement.
  5. c. In this language, the adjective follows the noun. From dionot and blyonot, you can determine that onot means oak. From blyonot and blycrin, you can determine that bly means leaf. Therefore, crin means maple. Because the adjective maple comes after the noun, patricrin is the only possible choice.
  6. c. In this language, the noun appears first and the adjectives follow. Since agnos means spider and should appear first, choices a and dcan be ruled out. Choice b can be ruled out because delano means snake.
  7. a. Myn means saddle; cabel means horse; cono means trail; and wir means ride. Therefore, cabelwir is the correct answer.
  8. c. In this language, the adjective follows the noun. From godabim and romzbim, you can determine that bim means kidney. From romzbim and romzbako, you can determine that romz means beans. Therefore, bako means wax. Because the adjective wax must come after the noun in this language, wasibako is the only choice.
  9. b. Tam means sky; ceno means blue; rax means cheese; apl means star; and mitl means bright. So, mitltam means bright sky.
  10. d. Gorbl means fan; flur means belt; pixn means ceiling; arth means tile; and tusl means roof. Therefore, pixnarth is the correct choice.
  11. d. Hapl means cloud; lesh means burst; srench means pin; och means ball; and resbo means nine. Leshsrench (choice a) doesn't contain any of the words needed for cloud nine. We know that och means ball, so that rules out choices b and c. When you combine hapl (cloud) with resbo (nine), you get the correct answer.
  12. d. Migen means cup; lasan means board; poen means walk; cuop means pull; and dansa means man. The only possible choices, then, are choices a and d. Choice a can be ruled out because migen means cup.
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