Logic Practice Set 2 (page 2)

Updated on Aug 10, 2011


  1. d. After all the switches were made, Max is directly behind the dog, James is alongside the dog on the left, Ruby is alongside the dog on the right, and Rachel is behind Max.
  2. b. Nurse Kemp has worked more shifts in a row than Nurse Calvin; therefore, Kemp has worked more than eight shifts. The number of Kemp's shifts plus the number of Rogers's shifts (five) cannot equal fifteen or more, the number of Miller's shifts. Therefore, Kemp has worked nine shifts in a row (5 + 9 = 14).
  3. c. If Randy is two months older than Greg, then Ned is three months older than Greg and one month older than Randy. Kent is younger than both Randy and Ned. Ned is the oldest.
  4. c. After all the switches were made, Shawn is in front of the house. Ross is in the alley behind the house, Michael is on the north side, and Jed is on the south.
  5. d. After all the switches were made, Mr. Kirk worked on Tuesday. Mr. Carter worked on Monday, Ms. Johnson on Wednesday, and Ms. Falk on Thursday.
  6. a. Mr. Temple has the most seniority, but he does not want the job. Next in line is Mr. Rhodes, who has more seniority than Ms. West or Ms. Brody.
  7. b. Tall, thin, and middle-aged are the elements of the description repeated most often and are therefore the most likely to be accurate.
  8. b. Beth won the biggest prize, described as a higher medal than Jamie's, which we've been told was a silver medal. Roberta and Michele both won bronze medals, which are lower ranking medals than silver. Beth is also described as having competed more times than Roberta— who has competed seven times. Jamie is described as having competed fewer times than Roberta, and Michele has competed three times. Therefore, Beth has competed more times than the others and has won the biggest prize to date.
  9. c. After all the switching was done, Jenkins was directly behind the receiver. Calvin and Burton had fallen. Zeller remained in the rear.
  10. d. Alexis is farther away than Frances, who is five miles away, and closer than Samantha, who is seven miles away.
  11. a. Baxter should be assigned to study with Carter. Baxter cannot be assigned with Adam, because they have already been together for seven class periods. If Baxter is assigned to work with Dennis, that would leave Adam with Carter, but Carter does not want to work with Adam.
  12. a. If George is sitting at Henry's left, George's seat is 252. The next seat to the left, then, is 251.
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