Logic Game Practice Set 3

Updated on Aug 10, 2011

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Remember, the best way to answer these logic game questions is to attack the information systematically. Make a diagram outlining all the given information. There's always at least one fact that can serve as your starting point, the place to begin eliminating possibilities.

Answer questions 1 through 3 on the basis of the information below.

Five towns—Fulton, Groton, Hudson, Ivy, and Jersey—which are covered by the same newspaper, all have excellent soccer teams. The teams are named the Panthers, the Whippets, the Antelopes, the Kangaroos, and the Gazelles. The sports reporter, who has just started at the newspaper, has to be careful not to get them confused. Here is what she knows:
  • The team in Fulton has beaten the Antelopes, Panthers, and Kangaroos.
  • The Whippets have beaten the teams in Jersey, Hudson, and Fulton.
  • The Antelopes are in Groton.
  • The team in Hudson is not the Kangaroos.
  1. Where are the Whippets?
    1. Fulton
    2. Groton
    3. Hudson
    4. Ivy
    5. Jersey
  2. Where are the Panthers?
    1. Ivy
    2. Jersey
    3. Fulton
    4. Groton
    5. Hudson
  3. What team is in Fulton?
    1. Panthers
    2. Gazelles
    3. Whippets
    4. Kangaroos
    5. Antelopes

Answer questions 4 through 6 on the basis of the information below.

Henri delivers flowers for a local florist. One lovely day, he left the windows open on the delivery van and the cards all blew off the bouquets. He has to figure out who gets which flowers. He has five bouquets, each of which has only one kind of flower: daisies, roses, carnations, iris, and gladioli. He has five cards with names on them: a birthday card for Inez, a congratulations-on-your- promotion card for Jenny, a graduation card for Kevin, an anniversary card for Liz, and a housewarming card for Michael. Here's what Henri knows:
  • Roses are Jenny's favorite flower and what her friends always send.
  • Gladioli are traditionally sent for a housewarming.
  • Kevin is allergic to daisies and iris.
  • Liz is allergic to daisies and roses.
  • Neither Liz nor Inez has moved recently.
  1. Which flowers should be delivered to Kevin?
    1. carnations
    2. iris
    3. gladioli
    4. daisies
    5. roses
  2. Who should get the housewarming gladioli?
    1. Jenny
    2. Kevin
    3. Liz
    4. Michael
    5. Inez
  3. Which flowers should be delivered to Liz?
    1. gladioli
    2. daisies
    3. roses
    4. carnations
    5. iris

Answer questions 7 through 10 on the basis of the information below.

Five cities all got more rain than usual this year. The five cities are: Last Stand, Mile City, New Town, Olliopolis, and Polberg. The cities are located in five different areas of the country: the mountains, the forest, the coast, the desert, and in a valley. The rainfall amounts were: 12 inches, 27 inches, 32 inches, 44 inches, and 65 inches.
  • The city in the desert got the least rain; the city in the forest got the most rain.
  • New Town is in the mountains.
  • Last Stand got more rain than Olliopolis.
  • Mile City got more rain than Polberg, but less rain than New Town
  • .
  • Olliopolis got 44 inches of rain.
  • The city in the mountains got 32 inches of rain; the city on the coast got 27 inches of rain.
  1. Which city is in the desert?
    1. Last Stand
    2. Mile City
    3. New Town
    4. Olliopolis
    5. Polberg
  2. Which city got the most rain?
    1. Last Stand
    2. Mile City
    3. New Town
    4. Olliopolis
    5. Polberg
  3. How much rain did Mile City get?
    1. 12 inches
    2. 27 inches
    3. 32 inches
    4. 44 inches
    5. 65 inches
  4. Where is Olliopolis located?
    1. the mountains
    2. the coast
    3. in a valley
    4. the desert
    5. the forest
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