Logic Game Practice Set 4 (page 2)

Updated on Aug 10, 2011


  1. d. The moderator sits in seat #3. It cannot, then, be Gary or Jarrod or Lane, who sit next to the moderator.Heloise is not the moderator; therefore, the moderator is Kate.
  2. a. Jarrod cannot sit in seat #3 because he is not the moderator. Nor can he sit in seat #2 or #4, because he does not sit next to the moderator. Heloise cannot sit on an end, nor in seat #3 or #4, so she is in seat #2, between the moderator (Kate) and Jarrod, who must be in seat #1.
  3. e. Jarrod sits in seat #1 and is not the moderator; nor is he the pilot or the attorney. The attorney sits in seat #4 and cannot sit next to the explorer. Therefore, the pilot, Lane, is in seat #5, and the explorer must be in seat #1, Jarrod's seat.
  4. b. Jarrod is the explorer, Lane is the pilot, Kate is the moderator, and Gary is the attorney. Heloise must be the writer.
  5. d. Zinnia plants tomatoes each year, so choice is incorrect. Each year, she plants either carrots or cabbage, but not both. She will plant cabbage in the second year, so she will plant carrots in the first. She never plants carrots and peppers together, so the first year is tomatoes, carrots, beans and the second is tomatoes, cabbage, peppers.
  6. c. Dusting must be done on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. However, the mopping is done on Thursday, and Terry does his task on Wednesday. Therefore, Sally does the dusting on Tuesday.
  7. d. Terry does not dust, mop, do laundry, or vacuum. Therefore, Terry does the sweeping on Wednesday.
  8. b. Dusting is on Tuesday, sweeping is on Wednesday, mopping is on Thursday, and laundry is on Friday. Therefore, the vacuuming is done on Monday.
  9. e. Vernon does not vacuum, dust, or sweep. Randy does the vacuuming, Sally does the dusting, Terry does the sweeping–leaving laundry and mopping for Uma and Vernon. Uma does not do laundry; therefore, she must mop, and Vernon does the laundry.
  10. d. Uma does the mopping, which is done on Thursday.
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