Character and Setting Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 29, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Character and Setting Study Guide

Character and Setting Practice Exercises

Practice 1: The Fox and the Crow

An Aesop's Fable Retold

Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow

(1) Crow landed high in a tree, holding in her beak a bit of meat she'd found nearby. Below the tree walked Fox, who looked up when he heard a flutter of leaves. He saw Crow and the meat dangling from her beak.
(2) Fox wanted the meat, so he deceitfully said to no one at all, "How handsome is that Crow! So beautiful and shiny are her feathers! Ah, if only her voice were equal to her beauty, she would be considered the Queen of Birds!"
(3) Now Crow, being very vain, heard Fox's flattery of her appearance and was pleased. But she was also anxious to prove him wrong about her voice. So she opened her beak and let out a loud CAW, CAW, dropping the meat as she did. Fox quickly picked it up and ate it. Then he looked up and laughed, "My good Crow, your voice is alright . . . it's your brain that's lacking!" And with that, he walked away, leaving the hungry Crow to feel sorry for herself.
1. What is the setting of the story?
a. a fox's den
b. a birdhouse
c. a tree
d. a boat on the river
2. Fox gets the meat from Crow because one of his character traits is being
a. helpful.
b. dishonest.
c. sad.
d. a good cook.
3. Which is NOT one of Crow's character traits?
a. having feathers
b. being vain
c. having a loud voice
d. being smart

Practice 2: An Open Door 

Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow.

(1) "Oh, well," I sighed as I plopped down at the kitchen table. "There goes a great chapter in my life!"
(2) Mom looked up from the batter she was mixing. "What's the matter? Why are you so down in the dumps?" she asked.
(3) "That was Mrs. Barberi on the phone. I didn't make the debate team this year!" I grumbled. "I don't know why I didn't do better!"
(4) "Come on, Sam, don't be so hard on yourself!" Mom replied. "You know there are money problems everywhere. The school had to limit funds for some programs and the debate team was cut in half this year."
(5) "I know . . . ," I sighed. "But I still wanted to make it. I like debating, and getting to go to other schools around the state to compete is a lot of fun! I met a lot of new kids that way!"
(6) Mom smiled. "I know you did, but like people say, When life shuts a door in your face, another door opens"!
(7) "I think it's a window, Mom," I said. "If a door closes a window opens."
(8) "Whatever," Mom laughed. "The point is that something else will come along . . . maybe even better, 'cause you don't know what lies beyond that door . . . I mean, window!"
(9) We were interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing in the living room. "I'll get it," I said. "It's probably Chris wanting to tell me about all the fun stuff the rest of the debate team will do without me this year!"
(10) I picked up the phone, expecting to hear Chris's voice. But it was someone else. I listened attentively, thanked the caller, and went into the kitchen again.
(11) "You look funny . . . who was it . . . is something wrong?" asked Mom, and she jumped up from the table.
(12) "Not wrong, just strange!" I replied. "That was Mr. Diaz, from school."
(13) "So? What did he want?" Mom asked anxiously.
(14) "Me," I replied with a smile. "He wants me to take the lead in the school play! He said I was awesome at the auditions! I'd almost forgotten I tried out this year . . . it was way before the holidays! Mom . . . I got the lead!"
(15) "You see, Sam," Mom said as she grabbed me and we whirled in a circle. "Another door opened and you'll start a whole new chapter of your life!"
(16) "Window, Mom," I sighed, "window!"
4. The main setting for this story is
a. a school.
b. a hallway.
c. a living room.
d. a kitchen.
5. What is the other setting of the story?
a. a school
b. a hallway
c. a living room
d. an auditorium
6. Which best describes Sam at the beginning of the story?
a. excited about getting on the debate team
b. depressed about not getting a part in the play
c. excited about trying out for the play
d. depressed about not getting on the debate team
7. Which is NOT a character trait of Sam's mother?
a. concerned
b. annoyed
c. sympathetic
d. encouraging
8. Which best describes a trait both characters have?
a. sense of humor
b. distrust
c. disgust
d. jealousy
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