Chronological Order: Reading Comprehension Review Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 24, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Chronological Order: Reading Comprehension Review Study Guide


Put a number from 1–5 next to each sentence to indicate the order in which each event happened chronologically.

    _____ Soon the principal arrived and told us it was just a drill.
    _____ We started talking, and during our conversation, the fire alarm went off.
    _____ As soon as the alarm stopped ringing, we all went back inside.
    _____ When I first got to school, I ran into my friend Rachel in the hallway.
    _____ So, we immediately walked toward the door I had just come in and followed the rest of the students to the parking lot.

For each sentence, explain in your own words the cause and the effect.

  1. The darkening sky caused Jamal to bring his umbrella
  2. One of the effects of the new stop sign is that there have been fewer accidents.
  3. Snow on the tracks caused the trains to be late.
  4. Dan's dripping ice cream cone caused him to need more napkins.
  5. An effect of adding more sugar is that the cookies are sweeter.
  6. In order to keep up with his friend, John had to run faster.
  7. It was so loud in the theater that I couldn't hear the movie.
  8. Because Tom was in a hurry this morning, he didn't eat any breakfast.
  9. A hiking map was created for nearby Hyde Peak, because the community had complained that there was no way to plan their trips before setting out for the mountain.
  10. Crooks' Books, Shadeville's mystery book shop, had a sale this week to honor the tenth anniversary of their opening.


  1. 4
  2. 2
  3. 5
  4. 1
  5. 3
  6. cause = darkening sky
  7. effect = Jamal brings his umbrella

    The darkening sky was the cause of Jamal bringing his umbrella. Jamal bringing his umbrella was the effect of the darkening sky.

  8. cause = new stop sign
  9. effect = fewer accidents

    The new stop sign is the cause of fewer accidents. Fewer accidents are the effect of the new stop sign.

  10. cause = snow on the tracks
  11. effect = trains were late

    The snow on the tracks was the cause of the trains being late. The trains' lateness was the effect of snow on the tracks.

  12. cause = dripping ice cream
  13. effect = needs more napkins

    The dripping ice cream was the cause of Dan needing more napkins. The need for more napkins was the effect of the dripping ice cream.

  14. cause = adding more sugar
  15. effect = sweeter cookies

    Adding more sugar was the cause of the cookies being sweeter. The cookies' increased sweetness was the effect of adding more sugar.

  16. cause = friend runs faster
  17. effect = John runs faster

    John had to keep up with his friend, so his friend running faster was the cause of John running faster. John running faster was the effect of his friend running faster.

  18. cause = loudness in the theater
  19. effect = not hearing the movie

    The loudness of the theater was the cause of not being able to hear the movie. Not hearing the movie was the effect of it being loud in the theater.

  20. cause = being in a hurry
  21. effect = not eating breakfast

    Being in a hurry was the cause of Tom not eating breakfast. Not eating breakfast was the effect of being in a hurry.

  22. cause = complaints from the community
  23. effect = creation of a hiking map

    Complaints from the community were the cause of the creation of a hiking map. The creation of a hiking map was the effect of complaints from the community.

  24. cause = tenth anniversary
  25. effect = sale

    The bookstore's tenth anniversary was the cause of the store having a sale.

    The sale was the effect of the bookstore celebrating its tenth anniversary.

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