Independent and Dependent Clauses Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 22, 2011

Review the lesson for Independent and Dependent Clauses Study Guide.

Independent and Dependent Clauses Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise

Determine whether the boldfaced group of words is an independent, a subordinate, or a relative clause. You may check your answers with the key at the end of the lesson.

1. Jason took a nap before he left for his friend's house.
2. You can keep your privileges as long as we continue to see progress.
3. Hannah wasn't feeling well, which Dad noticed immediately.
4. Although you may disagree, I still say Sheila is the best person for the job.
5. There would be less tension between them if they could just see eye to eye.
6. I'm bringing my homework along even though we don't plan to stay long.
7. Golam, whom I've never met before, seemed like a pretty nice guy.
8. In order that we may be respectful of the presenters, please turn off your cell phones.
9. I knew this was going to be an exciting game when Andrew took his first swing.
10. Margaret, whose earrings I borrowed last week, told her dad that she was tired and wanted to go home.
11. Before you go, would you please be sure to clean up the mess you make?
12. It seemed like only yesterday that I was here playing tag with my friends Julie and Laurie.
13. Whichever cookie you decide on, I assure you it will be absolutely delicious.
14. Since she was only just around the corner, Paula decided to walk to the store instead of driving.
15. Whoever she is, she sure seems to know what she's doing.


1. independent
2. subordinate
3. relative
4. subordinate
5. subordinate
6. independent
7. relative
8. subordinate
9. subordinate
10. relative
11. subordinate
12. independent
13. relative
14. independent
15. relative
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