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Updated on Sep 8, 2011


Les sat and listened while Nathan and Nora laughed and talked, for he wasn't feeling well.

While Nathan and Nora laughed and talked, Les sat and listened, since he wasn't feeling well.

Les wasn't feeling well, so he sat and listened while Nathan and Nora laughed and talked.

Note that the boldfaced word in each of these sentences is a conjunction.

Appositive Phrases

By adding modifiers in the form of adjectives, adverbs, or phrases to any type of sentence, we can make it even more interesting:

Nathan and Nora, best friends, talked and laughed about last night's party, but Les, who wasn't feeling well, just sat quietly and listened.

The appositive phrase best friends, the adverb phrase about last night's party, the noun clause who wasn't feeling well, and the adverb quietly were added to the sentences to provide more information about the subjects Nathan, Nora, and Les, and the predicates laughed and sat. Vivid details such as these make sentences more attention grabbing and inviting to read.

Tip: When you write, read your more complex sentences aloud, then make changes until you find the smoothest, most effective combinations.

Exercises for this concept can be found at Combining Sentences Grammar Practice.

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