Compound Complex Sentences Practice Exercises (page 2)

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Updated on Sep 22, 2011


(The independent clauses are boldfaced, the subordinate clauses are italic, and conjunctions are Roman.)

11. Jason decided to stay up late because he had a lot of homework to do. (complex)
12. If you hurry, we might get to school on time. (complex)
13. Although Monica had a cold, she went to school because she had a test. (complex)
14. While washing the car, Todd slipped on the soap and he fell. (compound-complex)
15. Dad takes the train to work even though he has a car. (complex)
16. After Mom arrived, she put the disk in the DVD player and we watched a great movie. (compound-complex)
17. Even though his heart pounded with dread, Ben bolted up the stairs, and he checked out the strange noise. (compound-complex)
18. Molly baked brownies since she had nothing else to do. (complex)
19. Karen made a list of what was needed, and she double-checked it so she wouldn't forget anything. (compound-complex)
20. Frank had a good sense of humor, so he laughed a lot. (complex)
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