Common Vocabulary Words Help

Updated on Sep 8, 2011

Commonly Tested Words

      to confuse, fluster, or muddle
      He likes to _____ his opponent by being overly confident.
      having at the same time two conflicting feelings or emotions toward another person or thing, such as love and hate; having divided feelings about something or someone; equivocal; uncertain
      I am _____ about inviting her to the wedding.
      a large group or collection; or a flock of birds
      Because Ivan was trying to find a date for the prom, he was delighted to see that there was a _____ of girls at my birthday party
      hopeless, sad, melancholy, dejected
      The grieving child was _____ when her mother passed away.
      refined, polite, elegant, gentlemanly, or ladylike
      Though Deborah was raised in a carefree way—her parents let her do whatever she wanted—her manners are quite _____.
      a loud, rough burst of laughter
      Martin tends to _____ rather than laugh quietly.
      throaty; used to describe sounds that originate in the throat, like the k in kite
      When my dog wants to play, she tries to get your attention by making _____ noises, like the beginnings of a growl.
      inactive, sluggish, without power to move
      It was so hot last Sunday that I remained _____ ; I lay on the couch all day and enjoyed the air-conditioning.
      carefree, unconcerned
      Her _____ at losing her job made us all think that she was independently wealthy.
      changeable, unstable, variable
      Unfortunately, my schedule this week is not _____ , as I have clients coming in from out of town that I must meet.
      dull, not sharp or acute; when used to describe a person, it means slow to understand or notice, or insensitive
      Even though Robert is a brilliant man, he can be _____ about the simplest of concepts.
      all-knowing; having universal knowledge of all things
      The Judeo-Christian God is believed to be _____.
      lack of color; unnatural paleness, often used to describe a face
      She was struck by the eerie _____ of the strange man who always peered out from the windows of his dark house.
      strongly in favor of one side or political party; blindly or unreasonably devoted to a party
      The senator knew he would not be able to persuade his _____ peers.
      to steal
      Did _____ you that new coat you're wearing? You can't afford one like that!
      used to describe sounds, it usually means vibrant, full, ringing, intensified, resounding, rich
      Everyone loved to hear his _____ bass voice fill the concert hall.
      a formal way to say name or title, or a category of something; an established rule or tradition
      We found what we were looking for under the general _____ of respiratory diseases.
      a very small particle; an insignificant piece or amount
      I am not sure what it does, but my aunt always adds a _____ of dill to the dish.
      a person who tries to get ahead by flattering people of wealth or power
      Only a shameless _____ could tell the boss that his horribly ugly orange tie is nice.
      to roll about pleasantly in water or mud; can also be used to mean to overindulge in something
      We watched the pigs _____ in the mud and listened to their squeals of delight.

Practice exercises for this study guide can be found at: Common Vocabulary Words Practice

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