Common Vocabulary Words Practice (page 2)

Updated on Sep 8, 2011


The following exercise lists vocabulary words from this lesson. Each word is followed by four answer choices. Three of them are synonyms of the vocabulary word in bold. Your task is to choose the one that is NOT a synonym.

  1. inert
    1. inactive
    2. sluggish
    3. boisterous
    4. incapable of moving
  2. genteel
    1. polite
    2. soft
    3. refined
    4. well mannered
  3. sycophant
    1. one who is rude to the boss
    2. one who flatters the boss
    3. one who always showers compliments on the boss
    4. one who offers to pick up the dry cleaning for the boss
  4. wallow
    1. roll around in
    2. bask
    3. indulge
    4. avoid
  5. insouciance
    1. a carefree attitude
    2. anxiety
    3. lightheartedness
    4. unconcern
  6. resonant
    1. vibrant
    2. ringing
    3. resounding
    4. weak
  7. smidgen
    1. crumb
    2. particle
    3. plenty
    4. drop
  8. guffaw
    1. frown
    2. laugh
    3. giggle
    4. chuckle
  9. bevy
    1. group
    2. crowd
    3. bunch
    4. example
  10. disconsolate
    1. melancholy
    2. ecstatic
    3. hopeless
    4. dejected


Read the question carefully and look for tricky words like not and opposite.


Choose the word from the vocabulary list that means the opposite, or most nearly the opposite, of the following groups of words.

  1. sharp, acute, sensitive
  2. explain, teach, illustrate
  3. fixed, permanent, stable
  4. impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced
  5. certain, decided, sure
  6. ignorant, naïve, limited in knowledge
  7. avoid, reject, eschew
  8. rude, impolite, discourteous
  9. color, brightness, tint
  10. give, present, donate

Matching Questions

Match the word in the first column with the corresponding word in the second column.

  1. inert             a. changeable
  2. smidgen        b. throaty
  3. addle            c. group
  4. guttural         d. inactive
  5. obtuse          e. resounding
  6. purloin          f. dull
  7. mutable        g. small particle
  8. resonant       h. sad
  9. bevy             i. confuse
  10. disconsolate  j. steal


Sometimes it's easier to eliminate than it is to choose. Always see if you can eliminate any wrong answers on a test question.

Practice Activities

Many of the words in this chapter's vocabulary list have several synonyms. Find a good thesaurus and look up the synonyms for each word. Try to list five synonyms for each word. If you have difficulty finding the word in the thesaurus, use an alternate form of the word (like resonate for resonant). Your synonyms may be one word long or you may choose to write a few words in a phrase that makes the meaning clear.

To practice your spelling skills, as well as your understanding of the meanings of the words from this chapter's vocabulary list, construct another crossword puzzle. Choose one of the longer words to start with, and write it down in the middle of a page. Then find a word that you can connect to this word because they both share a letter, and write the second word going down through this word. Then try to connect a word to that word, and continue doing this until you have connected every word on the list. Draw boxes around all the letters (or just use graph paper), and place a number in the box with the first letter in each word. Finally, make a list of clues for your crossword puzzle for both the across and the down words. Can any of your friends solve your puzzle?

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