Comparing and Contrasting Text Practice Exercises

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Updated on Apr 25, 2014

Review the following study guide for a concept review

Comparing and Contrasting Text Study Guide

Comparing and Contrasting Text Practice Exercises

Practice 1: The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

An Aesop's Fable Retold

Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow.

(1) Once there were two mouse cousins. One lived in the country; the other lived in a big city. They wrote to each other often and invited each other to visit.
(2) "You must come to see how nice it is in the city," wrote the City Mouse. "I have a choice of wonderful foods to eat every day, like bread, cheese, and sweets. What do you eat?"
(3) "I eat seeds from the fields," the Country Mouse wrote back. "And I sometimes find crumbs in the old farmhouse where I live."
(4) One day, as the Country Mouse hunted for grain in the field, he thought of his cousin choosing what to eat. "Why should I have to hunt for food?" he said to no one at all. "I think I will head to this city my cousin keeps telling me about!"
(5) And so he did. When the Country Mouse arrived, the City Mouse said, "Shhh! The people just left the dining room. Let's sneak in for some bread and cheese."
(6) The Country Mouse was amazed at the leftover food just sitting on a table. "Dig in!" said the City Mouse, and he bit into a chunk of cheese.
(7) The Country Mouse took a nibble. He'd never tasted anything so delicious! He was thinking how lucky the City Mouse was when he heard a noise. "Run!" said the City Mouse, as he grabbed his cousin's paw. "Someone's come to clean off the table!"
(8) The two mice ran to a little hole in the kitchen wall. Inside, the Country Mouse trembled as someone stacked dishes in a dishwasher and went away. The City Mouse smiled, "Good, he didn't see us. Let's go get something else."
(9) The Country Mouse looked around. He'd never seen so many jars and bags and boxes! "What luck!" said the City Mouse. "Someone left the cookies open!"
(10) The cousins climbed to a shelf where a cookie bag sat. After much pulling and tugging, they got a large chunk of oatmeal cookie out and began to nibble on it. Suddenly, the Country Mouse heard a loud MEOW! "Run!" cried the City Mouse. And they ran as fast as they could, back to the hole in the wall.
(11) The City Mouse laughed as the Country Mouse shook with fear. "Don't be so scared, Cousin; it's only the cat! True, she likes to eat mice and she has sharp claws, but she'll go away in a few minutes. Then we can go eat more food!"
(12) The Country Mouse shook his head. "No, thanks, Cousin. I'm going home! Thank you for your hospitality, but I would rather eat my lowly grain and crumbs in safety than have your fine menu and be in danger all the time!"
(13) And so the Country Mouse went home and happily ate in peace the rest of his days.
1. How are the City Mouse and the Country Mouse alike?
a. Each has a cousin.
b. Each likes cheese.
c. Both are mice.
d. all of the above
2. From the text, you know that one difference between the two mice is
a. that the City Mouse is taller.
b. when each one was born.
c. where each one lives.
d. that the Country Mouse can't read.
3. The City Mouse and the Country Mouse are alike because
a. each spends money on food.
b. each is a boy.
c. each likes dogs.
d. each is a girl.
4. The Country Mouse went back home because he thought
a. he could teach the farmer to make cheese.
b. he would be fired from his computer job.
c. he had forgotten to lock the farmhouse door.
d. he would be safer eating crumbs there than having treats in the city.
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