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Updated on Sep 7, 2011

A Prediction

You can close your essay with a forecast for a person, place, or thing related to your thesis. Here's an example from a college application essay:

Thirty years from now, when I'm 48, I will retire and survey my empire. I will have created and led a hugely successful Fortune 500 company; I will have used my considerable wealth to set up a literacy foundation and a home for orphans in my native Cuba. Deeply satisfied with my accomplishments, I will then establish scholarships for disadvantaged students to Briarwood College, for I will recall with great gratitude that my education there made all of my accomplishments possible.

A Solution or Recommendation

Conclude with a solution to the problem you've discussed, or a recommendation for future action. This strategy will serve you well later, when you're asked to write business memos or reports. Here is a conclusion from an essay that examines misinformation on the Internet:

While the Internet can be a very valuable source of information, it contains so much misinformation that it's almost criminal. Though we can't—and shouldn't—regulate what people put up on the Web, we can—and should—provide guidelines for citizens surfing the Web. Why not create a "reliability index" that measures the trustworthiness of websites? Then the Web can truly be what it was meant to be: an asset, and not a liability.

A Call to Action

Finally, you can end your essay by suggesting a specific action that your readers should take. As with the solution or recommendation strategy, this one is also used often in business writing. Here's an example of a conclusion for the essay about television and lack of exercise. Notice how it frames the essay by referring to the opening line of the introduction.

Introduction:To eat or not to eat? That is the question millions of Americans struggle with every day as they fight the battle of the bulge. But it seems to be a losing battle. Despite the millions spent on diet pills and diet plans, Americans today are heavier than ever.

There are many reasons for this nationwide weight gain, but experts agree that the main cause is lack of exercise. And one of the reasons we don't get enough exercise is because we spend too much time in front of the TV.

Conclusion:Television entertains and informs us. But it also fattens us. If you are one of the millions of overweight Americans, take a simple step toward a healthier body. Get up and turn off the TV. The question isn't "To eat or not to eat." Rather, the question is, what can you do instead of watching TV? Go for a walk. Take a swim. Ride a bike. Get some exercise! You'll end up with a healthier body—and mind.

In Short

Like introductions, conclusions serve several important functions. They refocus the essay by restating the thesis; they offer a gift to the reader in the form of a new understanding (which is an extension of the thesis); they provide a sense of closure; and they arouse readers' emotions. Some of the same strategies for introductions also work for conclusions, including quotations, questions, and anecdotes. Other closing techniques include predictions, solutions or recommendations, and calls to action.

Exercises for this concept can be found at Writing Conclusion Paragraphs Practice.

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