Correct Word Usage Practice

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Updated on Sep 14, 2011

The study guide for these practice exercises can be found at: Correct Word Usage Help

Correct Word Usage Practice

Choose the correct word to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. Monet's color (pallet/palette) is distinctive.
  2. The storyteller recited a (tail/tale) of terror.
  3. We took our work problem to the (personal/personnel) department.
  4. Mark and I hadn't done any business until we were (formally/formerly) introduced.
  5. We certainly have a (bases/basis) upon which to continue.
  6. My students received (they're/their) new books.
  7. (Your/You're) books will arrive next week.
  8. I was offered a gift of either a dress or shoes, and I chose the (latter/later).
  9. My friend has the highest (morale/moral) standards; he proved it when he refused to keep the money he found.
  10. You (to/too) can meet us each day for our morning run.


1. palette 2. tale 3. personnel 4. formally 5. basis 6. their 7. Your 8. latter 9. moral 10. too

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