Building Better Sentences Practice

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Updated on Sep 19, 2011

The study guide for these practice exercises can be found at: Building Better Sentences Help

Building Better Sentences Practice

Written Practice 1

Balance each of the following sentences.

  1. The coffee here is delicious, hot, and it's also inexpensive.
  2. The lawyer asked his client to tell the truth and if he could provide evidence.
  3. The rain splashes on the roof and always is soaking the porch.
  4. Soda is filling, full of calories, and eventually it's fattening.
  5. My cooking skills are new, limited to simple dishes, and I think sometimes my choices are boring.
  6. Teaching physicians have several jobs, including doing research, reducing pain and suffering, and they teach other physicians.
  7. Their decision was to expand the space, buy all new equipment, and then they would install a new security system.
  8. Add the dry ingredients, the eggs should be whipped, and preheat the oven.
  9. Whoever leaves the house last should lower the heat, turning off the lights, and check the stove.
  10. David played classical guitar, jazz guitar, and then he tried rhythm and blues.

Written Practice 2

Balance the following sentences.

  1. Every day, I walk the trails with my dog, cleaning the car, and go to work.
  2. Jim loves painting the house, planting shrubs, and he loves to plan to add another room.
  3. Elias looked for a toy, grabbed it, and he was throwing it across the room.
  4. My friend eats dinner first, lunch second, and then he is eating breakfast last.
  5. Spring is warm, flower-filled, and it rains a lot.
  6. At the Center, Betsy did the accounting, made sure the preschoolers were safe, and then she also would take care of her own household as well.
  7. My new printer is quieter, faster, and prints with higher resolution.
  8. I'll know my son's work habits are improving when he arrives at school on time, corrects his own homework, and staying out of fights.
  9. The chairman thanked everyone for their dedication, loyalty, and because they attended every meeting.
  10. The only way we can leave on time is if I prepare the snacks, you fill up the gas tank, and if the children will get up on time.

Written Practice 3

The following sentences lack balance. Find and correct the errors to restore balance.

  1. The longtime employee was not only energetic and liked to be punctual also.
  2. We insisted that our son write his application truthfully and he should show some humility.
  3. My two-year-old not only likes to walk in the puddles and is always jumping in the leaves.
  4. Your new outfit is neither colorful and it isn't well fitting either.
  5. This summer I will either plant a bed of flowers, or maybe I'll build a deck.
  6. Debbie is neither prepared for parenthood nor is her career willing to be sacrificed.
  7. Chocolate is not only delicious but it is energizing also.
  8. Either you take the late shift and then I'll be leaving the house before you return.
  9. Last summer, my vacation was not only busy but full of bad weather also.
  10. We'll know we've succeeded when we see the children following our family's rules and then they should do well in school, too.
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