Building Better Sentences Practice (page 3)

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Updated on Sep 19, 2011

Written Practice 7

For each of the following sentences, choose a conjunction from the previous categorized list. The categories are noted before the sentence.

  1. (Time) We'll be at Stephanie's school this morning; ___ , we'll visit Matthew's school this afternoon.
  2. (Contrast) I thought the weather was improving; ___ , our basement was flooded by three inches of rain.
  3. (Result) To make this change, we'll need a substantial loan; ___ , I will call our bank.
  4. (Addition) Our motivation for this growth is to provide more services to our customers; ___ , we'll be able to speed the results of our testing.
  5. (Condition) Some populations are difficult to survey; ___ , our work would be easier.
  6. (Time) I'll make dinner; ___ , you set the table.
  7. (Contrast) We started our day very early so that we could relax in the afternoon; ___ , we hadn't accounted for the volume of customers.
  8. (Result) Half of my staff was sick; ___ , I called in temporary employees.
  9. (Addition) We'll pack our files and computers; ___ , we'll take the desks and chairs.
  10. (Time) Sometimes we're fully staffed; ___ we're not.

Written Practice 8

Simplify each of the following sentences.

  1. The tour on the buggy tour of Charleston was enlightening.
  2. Our reason for leaving the party early was because we knew how heavy the traffic would be.
  3. Here is an example of the new hybrid vehicle just introduced at the automobile exposition.
  4. This is a report about an analysis of our town water.
  5. I have a suspicion that the meeting will end in an argument.
  6. We were looking for a house painter who was skilled.
  7. While we were waiting for the train to arrive, we decided on a restaurant for lunch.
  8. We sent in all the paperwork that was demanded by the manufacturer.
  9. Hire only qualified welders who are certified in the skill.
  10. Store these foods in a place to which we all have access.


Written Practice 1

1. …hot, and inexpensive. 2. …truth and provide evidence. 3. …and soaks the porch. 4. …calories, and fattening. 5. …dishes, and sometimes boring. 6. …suffering, and teaching other… 7. …equipment, and install… 8. …ingredients, whip the eggs, and preheat… 9. …the heat, turn off… 10. …jazz guitar, and rhythm and blues.

Written Practice 2

Sample answers are provided.

1. …my dog, clean the car… 2. …shrubs, and planning to add another room. 3. …it, and threw it… 4. …second, and breakfast last. 5. …and rainy. 6. …safe, and took care of her own household as well. 7. …faster, and higher in resolution. 8. …homework, and stays… 9. …loyalty, and perfect attendance. 10. …tank, and the children get up on time.

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