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Updated on Sep 28, 2011

In Short

Critical thinking is the act of carefully considering a problem, claim, question, or situation in order to determine the best solution. Reasoning skills, which go hand-in-hand with critical thinking, ask you to base your decisions on facts, evidence, and/or logical conclusions. Critical thinking and reasoning skills are implemented simultaneously to help you make smart decisions and solve problems effectively. They also help you make stronger arguments and better evaluate the arguments of others.

Skill Building until Next Time

Notice how many decisions you make throughout the day and how many different problems you face. What kind of decisions and problems do you encounter most often at home? At work? At school?

  • Write down the process you went through to make a decision or solve a problem today. What did you do to get from point A, the problem, to point B, the solution?
  • Evaluate a decision or problem you solved recently. Do you think it was a wise decision or effective solution? Why or why not? Did you consider the range of issues, or did you neglect to take certain issues into consideration? Did you make your decision based mostly on reason or mostly on your emotions?

Exercises for this concept can be found at Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills Practice.

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