Dealing with Word Problems Practice Questions

Updated on Oct 4, 2011

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Dealing with Word Problems Practice Questions

Practice Word Problems

These problems will incorporate all the kinds of math covered so far in this book. If you can't answer all the questions, don't worry. Just make a note of which areas you still need to work on, and go back to the appropriate lessons for review.

Whole Numbers

  1. A package of hotdogs has 8 hot dogs. A package of buns has 10 buns. Terry is buying food for a barbeque and doesn't want to have any left over hotdogs or buns; he wants to have exactly one bun for every hotdog. How many bags of buns will he buy?
  2. Anne is going to put 5 coupons in every VIP client gift bag and 3 coupons in every regular client gift bag. If she's participating in an event where there will be 12 VIP clients and 35 regular clients, how many coupons will she need total?


  1. Three quarters of the freshmen at Colgate University are involved in some type of sport activity on campus, and of the freshmen would like to join a fraternity or sorority. If 675 freshmen are involved in sports, how many would like to join a fraternity or sorority?
  2. Five-eighths of the shoppers at Tiffer's Sample Sale were women. If there were 39 men at the sale, how many women were there at the sample sale?
  3. The kitchen staff at Camp Adams uses of their eggs on Monday and of the remaining eggs on Tuesday. If they now have 99 eggs left to use on Wednesday and Thursday, how many eggs did they start the week with?


  1. Nicole went shopping with her friends. She began with $43.70 in her wallet. Her friend Stephanie paid her back $35 she had borrowed the week before, and when Nicole found a jacket that cost more than she had, her friend Max loaned her $20. If Nicole only bought the jacket, and returned home with $9.87 in her wallet, what was the total cost of her new jacket?
  2. Jamie's savings account charges her a maintenance fee of $4.85 per month. If she has $350 in her account, and doesn't make any deposits or withdrawals for 6 months, what will her balance be at the end of the 6th month?
  3. An African elephant eats about 4.16 tons of hay each month. At this rate, how many tons of hay will three African elephants eat in one year?


  1. The cost for making a telephone call from Vero Beach to Miami is 37¢ for the first 3 minutes and 9¢ per each additional minute. There is a 10% discount for calls placed after 10 P.M. What is the cost of a 10-minute telephone call placed at 11 P.M.?
  2. Yesterday, Tim bought 50 shares of a stock that was selling at $28.00 per share. If it has dropped 8% in value, what is the price per share today?

Ratios and Proportions

  1. A concentrated cleaner recommends using cup of cleaner for every 25 fluid ounces of hot water. If Erik wants to make three gallons of mixed solution, approximately how much cleaner should he use? (1 gallon = 128 fluid ounces)
  2. One mile is equivalent to 1.6 kilometers. Frank is going to do a five kilometer benefit walk. How many miles will he walk?
  3. To make the movie King Kong, an 18-inch model of the ape was used. On screen, King Kong appeared to be 50 feet tall. If the building he climbed appeared to be 800 feet tall on screen, how big was the model building in inches?
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