Learning Nouns Practice Exercises (page 2)

Updated on Sep 20, 2011


1. d
2. e
3. g
4. j
5. b
6. h
7. a
8. f
9. c
10. i
11. l
12. k

Practice Exercise 3

Directions: Fill in the blanks with words you've learned in this lesson, using the list in the preceding exercise as your inventory of possible nouns.

1. Some ___ was necessary in the committee room if the meeting was ever to end.
2. Congressman Jenkins, the committee chairman and the final ___, broke the tie vote and ended the heated argument.
3. The ideal political candidate has clearly presented ___ positions on most current issues.
4. The medical examiner, who was in the hospital and therefore could not attend the trial, sent in his written ___.
5. After one of the jurors started crying, the judge called for a recess in an attempt to institute a state of ___ in the courtroom.
6. The defendant, after being found guilty, begged the judge for ___ in determining the years he would have to spend in prison.
7. "Robbing a ___ is no less a crime than robbing a bank," declared the judge sternly.
8. The convicted robber's mother demanded ___ for her son, promising that he would change his ways in the future.
9. An ___ of lighter sentences for convicted robbers spoke to the courtroom in the young man's defense.
10. The judge reminded the audience that some prison terms were regulated by law, and that a ___, a vote of the citizens of the state, would be required to change the prison term rules.


1. mediation
2. arbiter
3. policy
4. deposition
5. serenity
6. clemency
7. hostel
8. mercy
9. advocate
10. referendum

Words You Should Now Know

  • amnesty
  • mediation
  • arbiter
  • mercy
  • clemency
  • policy
  • deposition
  • referendum
  • dilemma
  • serenity
  • hostel

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