Medical Terms Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 20, 2011

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Medical Terms Study Guide

Medical Terms Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise 1

Draw lines to match each body problem with the physician who cares for it.

Body Problem Physician Who Cares for It
1.blurry vision a. pediatrician
2.crooked teeth b. podiatrist
3.tetanus shot c. audiologist
4.pregnant mother d. internist
5.hearing loss e. oncologist rash f. obstetrician with measles g. nurse practitioner
8.ingrown toenail h. orthodontist
9.continuing stomach pain i. dermatologist
10.fear of cancer j. optometrist


1. j
2. h
3. g
4. f
5. c
6. i
7. a
8. b
9. d
10. e

Practice Exercise 2

You May See the Doctor Now

Across Down
2 doctor who delivers babies 1 doctor who treats skin problems
3 doctor who fixes crooked teeth 4 doctor who treats foot problems
4 doctor who treats children
5 doctor who provides hearing aids
Word Bank  
audiologist orthodontist
dermatologist pediatrician
obstetrician podiatrist


Across Down
2 obstetrician 1 dermatologist
3 orthodontist 4 podiatrist
4 pediatrician
5 audiologist

Words You Should Now Know

audiologist ophthalmologist
dermatologist optometrist
internist orthodontist
nurse practitioner osteopath
obstetrician pediatrician
oncologist podiatrist

Extra Word(s) You Learned in This Study Guide

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