Plate Tectonics Practice Test

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Plate Tectonics Practice Test

1. Who is called the father of continental drift?

(a) Sherlock Holmes

(b) Alfred Wegener

(c) Francis Bacon

(d) Alexander Fleming

2. Oceanic crust sediments and fragments that have been smoothed and smashed against the continents are called

(a) amorites

(b) trilobites

(c) ophiolites

(d) smashorites

3. Pieces of continents that have not been affected by major changes since Precambrian times are called

(a) cratons

(b) pylons

(c) glaciers

(d) blue schists

4. The area where two crustal plates collide, forcing one plate under the other into the mantle is known as the

(a) Wegener zone

(b) Subduction zone

(c) Twilight zone

(d) Benny and Jerry zone

5. The Canadian in North America and Fennoscandian in Europe are both examples of

(a) balmy climates

(b) continents in the southern hemisphere

(c) types of bacon

(d) shields

6. Blue schists are formed as a result of

(a) translation

(b) subduction

(c) a blue moon

(d) convection

7. An ocean ridge is formed when

(a) currents have piled a lot of pollution of top of itself

(b) glaciers retreat

(c) continental shelves break off

(d) ocean plates are edged apart by the infilling of hot magma from below

8. Transform fault boundaries occur when

(a) one plate is pushed under the next

(b) plates slide past each other at roughly 0° angles to their shared boundaries

(c) plates slide past each other at roughly 45° angles to their shared boundaries

(d) plates collide and are unable to move in any direction

9. Violent explosions of lava that blew through cracks and holes in the new crust formed

(a) fossils

(b) blue schists

(c) greenstone

(d) peridot

10. Who described the concept of plate tectonics in terms of geology and physics?

(a) J. Tuzo Wilson

(b) Jack Wilson

(c) John Lennon

(d) Antonio Wegener



1. B

2. C

3. A

4. B

5. D

6. B

7. D

8. B

9. C

10. A

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