Weathering and Topography Practice Test

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Updated on Sep 4, 2011

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Weathering and Topography Practice Test

1. Mass wasting is a combination of

(a) weathering plus centrifugal force

(b) gravity plus magma

(c) weathering plus gravity

(d) erosion plus pyroclastic flow

2. Frost wedging is caused by

(a) Jack Frost

(b) the repeated freeze–thaw cycle of water in extreme climates

(c) mudflows

(d) lava backup

3. The proportion between a map’s unit of distance and a unit of distance on the Earth’s surface is called

(a) geography

(b) a road trip

(c) an eye chart

(d) scale

4. The soil found in dry or semi-arid climates with little organic matter and little to no leaching of minerals is called

(a) pedocal

(b) pedalfer

(c) laterite

(d) muck

5. A contour on a topographical map is the

(a) line passing through all points with the same altitude above sea level

(b) line that always marks the best restaurants in an area

(c) one point that marks the distance between the mountain summit and the valley

(d) one point written in pounds per square inch

6. When rock disintegrates and is removed from the surface of continents, it is called

(a) an eruption

(b) denudation

(c) shedding

(d) lithification

7. Which weathering type covers large distances and uses wind and water?

(a) spheroidal weathering

(b) sculpture

(c) slippage

(d) erosion

8. Chemical weathering happens in all but one of the following ways

(a) acid action

(b) hydrolysis

(c) intoxication

(d) oxidation

9. Most rock jointing takes place as a result of all, but which of the following?

(a) cooling and shrinking of molten matter

(b) peer pressure

(c) flattening and tightening of drying sedimentary strata

(d) plate tectonics

10. A type of fracturing that cracks away from the center of the rock like layers of an onion is known as

(a) spheroidal weathering

(b) biological weathering

(c) solubility

(d) onionization



1. C

2. B

3. D

4. A

5. A

6. B

7. D

8. C

9. B

10. A

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