Homophones and Confused Word Pairs: Writing Skills Success Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

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Practice Exercises: Homophones and Easily Confused Word Pairs

Practice Exercise: Three-Way Confusion

Circle the correct word in the parentheses. Answers can be found at the end of the exercises.

  1. The (sent, cent, scent) of freshly baked bread filled the house.
  2. I (cent, sent, scent) for the police dog, which quickly picked up the (cent, sent, scent), helping us solve the case. He was worth every (cent, sent, scent) we invested in him.
  3. When you (right, write, rite) the final report, please be sure you use the (right, write, rite) statistics.
  4. The (right, write, rite) of baptism will be performed at Sunday's service.
  5. If you (quite, quit, quiet) talking for a minute and give us some (quite, quit, quiet), I will be (quite, quit, quiet) happy to ask the others to maintain this (quite, quit, quiet) atmosphere for the duration of the meeting.
  6. While in the (lead, led) at the competition, Morris's pencil (lead, led) broke, which (lead, led) us to believe he would lose.
  7. The health inspector will (lead, led) the effort to educate citizens about the dangers of paint chips that might contain (lead, led).
  8. The researcher asked permission to (sight, site, cite) my study in his report.
  9. From the top floor, we were able to (sight, site, cite) the (sight, site, cite) that was chosen for the new office building.
  10. (Where, wear, were) did you vacation last summer?
  11. I planned to (where, wear, were) my new sneakers, but I forgot (where, wear, were) I put them.

Practice Exercise: Homophones - Easy Misses

Circle the correct word in the parentheses. Answers can be found at the end of the exercises.

  1. (Which, Witch) (which, witch) costume did you decide to wear to the party?
  2. When we were (threw, through) with exams, we (threw, through) a big party to celebrate.
  3. When she saw the biker ahead (brake, break), Sally slammed on her (brake, break) to avoid the (brake, break) in the concrete path.
  4. Have you (scene, seen) the love (scene, seen) in the movie?
  5. The confused (which, witch) didn't know (which, witch) ingredients to use in her potion.
  6. The (scene, seen) at the Grand Canyon was breathtaking. Have you (scene, seen) it before?
  7. Even a (week, weak) after returning from the hospital, Virginia still felt (week, weak) and needed rest.
  8. It took only one (peace, piece) of good news to restore her (peace, piece) of mind.
  9. The private (plain, plane) had a (plain, plane) tan interior.

Practice Exercise: To Split or Not to Split

Circle the correct word in the parentheses.

  1. I (where, wear, were) my (everyday, every day) clothes almost (everyday, every day).
  2. There (maybe, may be) more storms tomorrow, so (maybe, may be) you should plan something else to do.
  3. If you had been (already, all ready), we could have (already, all ready) begun.
  4. He always makes (some time, sometime) in the afternoon to exercise. You should try it (some time, sometime).
  5. There were (a lot, alot) of spectators at the game Friday night.


  1. scent
  2. sent, scent, cent
  3. write, right
  4. rite
  5. quit, quiet, quite, quiet
  6. lead, lead, led
  7. lead, lead
  8. cite
  9. sight, site
  10. Where
  11. wear, where
  12. Which, witch
  13. through, threw
  14. brake, brake, break
  15. seen, scene
  16. witch, which
  17. scene, seen
  18. week, weak
  19. piece, peace
  20. plane, plain
  21. wear, everyday, every day
  22. may be, maybe
  23. all ready, already
  24. some time, sometime
  25. a lot
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