Reading Cause and Effect Practice Exercises

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Reading Cause and Effect Study Guide

Reading Cause and Effect Practice Exercises

Practice 1: The Magic of Merlin 

Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow.

(1) There are many legends about King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and the wizard Merlin. Of all the characters in these tales, many people find Merlin the most fascinating, being a man of mystery and magic. It's said that Merlin could talk to the animals in the forest and predict the future for kings. But unfortunately, he wasn't able to predict his own future with the Lady of the Lake!
(2) According to a popular legend, as Merlin walked through the forest one day, he first met the Lady of the Lake. Some say he predicted he'd find her there that day, beside the forest lake that was her home, and that's why he went there. The Lady was believed to be a great sorceress herself, although not as great as Merlin. She was amazed by his powers and promised to love him if he would teach her his magic. The Lady of the Lake was quite beautiful, and Merlin fell under her spell, so he agreed.
(3) Merlin began to teach the Lady of the Lake his most magical tricks. And for a while, she seemed happy. But she continually urged him to conjure up even greater magical feats. And she was constantly looking for some way to keep Merlin always at her side. She wanted to make sure that if he did come up with any new ideas, he'd have to share them with her!
(4) One day, the Lady of the Lake asked Merlin to build her a magical castle. She wanted it to be so strong that no one and nothing could ever destroy it. And she requested Merlin to make her castle invisible. That might have seemed a tall order for some, but Merlin did his magic. He built her a fabulous castle by the lake and then used his wizard's powers to make the building invisible. Anyone traveling through the forest would see only the lake and not the Lady's beautiful, enchanted castle. Merlin even taught the Lady how she could make her castle appear or disappear to make sure that no one could get in or come out of it unless she wished!
(5) The Lady of the Lake was very happy, for a while. Then she realized that Merlin still had the power to make her castle appear or disappear as well. That worried her. What if he left for good someday? She would no longer share all of the magic secrets he knew or would know in the future! So one day, as she and Merlin sat beneath a tree in the forest, she lulled him to sleep with a sweet song.
(6) As Merlin slept, the Lady of the Lake walked around him nine times, chanting and weaving a magical spell. When he awoke, she led him to the castle. There she locked him in an enchanted tower, from which he was powerless to leave, but which she could visit or leave at will! She had used Merlin's own magic against him, and he never left her enchanted, imprisoning castle again.
1. Many people think Merlin is the most interesting character in King Arthur legends because
a. he was not a knight.
b. he was a wizard.
c. he lived in a forest.
d. his name had six letters.
2. What caused Merlin to walk by the lake one day?
a. He predicted a bear was caught in a trap in the forest.
b. He predicted it was a new path home from school.
c. He predicted he'd meet the Lady of the Lake there.
d. He predicted he could gather enough apples for a pie.
3. Because the Lady was so beautiful, Merlin
a. fell under her spell.
b. was frightened and ran away.
c. pushed her into the water.
d. turned her into a tree.
4. Why did the Lady want Merlin always at her side?
a. so she could teach him all of the magic tricks she knew
b. so the lake would always be filled with water
c. so that her servants would be paid well
d. so she'd always know all the magic secrets he knew
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