Writing Cause and Effect Practice Exercises (page 2)

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Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Exercise 3

      Cause 2: He decided not to get Rosie on time.
      Effect 2: Ellie's mom couldn't leave for her appointment.
      Cause 3: Ellie's mom couldn't leave for her appointment.
      Effect 3: She called Rosie's mom.
      Cause 4: She called Rosie's mom.
      Effect 4: Rosie's mom had to leave a big meeting.

Exercise 4

  1. He hasn't cleaned his room in more than a month.
  2. He hasn't done his other household chores.
  3. His grades have slipped.
  4. He has been disrespectful to his family.

Exercise 5

Answers will vary. Here's one possibility.

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