Emotional Versus Logical Appeal: Reading Comprehension Review Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 24, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Emotional Versus Logical Appeal: Reading Comprehension Review Study Guide


Decide whether each argument is an emotional or a logical appeal.

  1. Public parks should be closed at night, because they're dangerous for people to walk through in the dark.
  2. Using cell phones while driving has been shown to cause accidents and therefore should be banned.
  3. Data suggests there is a correlation between test scores and the amount of sleep a student gets the night before. So, it's important to get a good night's sleep before a test.
  4. It's important to cook with your kids because it makes them happy.
  5. Adopt a pet. Studies have shown that people who have pets have lower blood pressure than people without pets.
  6. Art classes should be kept in the school's curriculum because creativity is essential to maintaining students' imaginations.
  7. Studies have shown that doing crossword puzzles on a regular basis can keep your mind sharp well into old age.
  8. Making pizza at home instead of ordering out is more fun and saves money too!
  9. Ice-skating is not only a fun winter activity, but it's also good for practicing your balance.
  10. In crash tests, cars that have side-impact airbags have a much lower rate of injury than cars that don't have them.


  1. emotional
  2. This is an emotional appeal, because it does not offer any sort of data regarding the dangerousness of the park at night. The argument is meant to appeal to the reader's fears.

  3. logical
  4. This is a logical appeal because it offers evidence of cell phone use causing an increase in accidents.

  5. logical
  6. Again, this is a logical appeal because it isn't just trying to relate to the reader's emotions. It offers evidence that there is a correlation between test scores and the amount of sleep that students receive.

  7. emotional
  8. There is no evidence that cooking makes kids happy. It is purely meant to appeal to readers' sense of caring for their kids.

  9. logical
  10. Because this appeal cites studies that prove people with pets have lower blood pressure, it is a logical appeal.

  11. emotional
  12. The reader of this appeal probably cares about kids and likes the idea of maintaining kids' imaginations, but there's no evidence to suggest creativity is essential to the process.

  13. logical
  14. In this appeal, the author refers to studies that show crossword puzzles are helpful in keeping your mind sharp. The mention of these studies shows that the author wants to appeal to the reader's sense of reason. So, this is a logical appeal.

  15. emotional
  16. There is no proof that making pizza at home is more fun or that it saves money. But, because saving money and having fun are things that many people like to do, the author is appealing to the reader's emotions.

  17. emotional
  18. From this appeal, we don't really know for sure that ice-skating is good for your balance, so it doesn't appeal to reason. It is an emotional appeal.

  19. logical
  20. Crash tests results are mentioned in this argument to appeal to the reader's sense of reason. So, this is a logical appeal.

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